Velocity Model Building in Complex Geology (SEG/EAGE SRW 2012)

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SEG/EAGE 2012 Summer Research Workshop
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Date 13–17 August 2012
Sponsor(s) ION GX, CGG, WesternGeco, TGS, Paradigm
Location Charleston, SC USA

Velocity Model Building in Complex Geology

The continual growth in raw computing power is enabling geophysicists to devise imaging algorithms that better approximate the physics of wave propagation in the Earth. Acoustic Reverse Time Migration is now routinely used to produce more accurate subsurface images. Other imaging techniques, such as beam migrations are also heavily used. Researchers are experimenting with elastic RTM, at least in 2D. A critical input to these algorithms is an accurate subsurface velocity model. This workshop addresses velocity model building in complex geology as it is practiced today and as it will be practiced in the future. We therefore welcome submissions of papers covering theoretical developments and case histories within the broad topic of building a velocity model in complex geology, including:

  • Full waveform inversion
  • Wave Equation Migration Velocity Analysis
  • Velocity model building based on picking
  • Velocity model building for multi-component data
  • Velocity model building in poorly illuminated/noisy areas
  • Velocity model building for complex near-surface and/or land data
  • Velocity model building in presence of anisotropy and attenuation
  • Importance of long offsets and low frequencies
  • Quantification of model uncertainty
  • Model suitability for imaging and/or applications


Organizing Committee

Jacques P. Leveille (ION Geophysical)
Robert Bloor (ION/GX Technology)
Gilles Lambaré (CGGVeritas)
Paul Sava (Colorado School of Mines)
William Symes (Rice University)
Bin Wang (TGS)
John K. Washbourne (Chevron)
Paul Williamson (Total)

Workshop Program and Schedule

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Velocity Model Building in Complex Geology (SEG/EAGE SRW 2012)
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