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A place to put items that will need human editing. Moderators and editors will probably make extensive use of various templates, because it's much easier to add a template flagging a page for attention than it is to fix the problem right away. Most of the templates listed here don't exist yet but they are easy enough to make as we need them.

Article content and length

  • Eliminating incomplete articles or others that don't make sense, or adding {{delete}}.
  • Splitting long articles, or adding {{split}}.
  • Merging short or incomplete articles, or adding {{merge}}.


  • Figure links may be a problem. If we don't want them, we should eliminate them in the wikification process. If this isn't possible, we can try to script them away. They will be almost impossible to deal with manually.
  • It's probably a good idea to think about image rights during upload: if they don't all simply fall under the site license (CC-BY-SA), we should attach flags to the file pages to make the rights explicit.
  • Figures will need to be laid out —
    • Group related ones into galleries (require short captions)
  • Some figures may need their captions re-thinking.