Chris Dinneen

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I am a dual discipline professional with qualifications and experience in both Petroleum Engineering and Geophysics. I have broad knowledge of industry software, infrastructure and data management and experience with big data, data analytics and python programming.


  • Bachelor of Science (Physics) - Curtin University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (Physics) Hons. - University of Western Australia
  • Masters of Oil and Gas Engineering - University of Western Australia

Roles & Companies

  • HPC Intern - iVEC: The hub of advanced computing
  • Seismic data processor - DownUnder Geosolutions
  • Senior Depth imaging geophysicist - Fugro Seismic Imaging / CGG
  • Exploration and Development Data Analyst - Chevron

Professional affiliations

  • EAGE
  • SEG
  • SPE
  • ASEG
  • PESA

Skills and interests

  • Reservoir Simulation and Surveillance
  • CO2 Sequestration
  • Seismic interferometry
  • DAS
  • Open Source GeoScience and engineering software

Subject expertise

  • Seismic data management
  • SEGY Standard
  • Seismic data processing and depth imaging
  • Seismic Unix