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About Us

Uppsala University Geophysical Society (unformal Uppsala SEG Student Chapter) was established at Uppsala University on 18th March 2009, with the vision to inspire and promote Earth Science studies among the young students.

Current SEG Student Chapter Officers

President Emmanuel Alofe

Vice President Nini Tatiana Pertuz Puentes

Treasurer Samuel Zappala

Secretary Kristina Kučinskaite

Faculty advisor Prof. Alireza Malehmir

Former SEG Chapter Officers

Term President Vice President
2023-2024 Emmanuel Alofe Nini Tatiana Pertuz Puentes
2022-2023 Nini Tatiana Pertuz Puentes Emmanuel Alofe
2021-2022 Nini Tatiana Pertuz Puentes Erina Prastyani
2020-2021 Ellisaveth Kollia Nini Tatiana Pertuz Puentes
2019-2020 Agnieszka Stoch Shelly Mardhia Faizy

SEG Best Student Chapter Award 2020

SEG Uppsala University Student Chapter was awarded as the Best Chapter in 2020. From left to right, Magdalena Markovic-Juhlin, Tatiana Pertuz, Prof. Alireza Malehmir, Giorgos Dullamas, and Mariam Abassian.

SEG Uppsala University Geophysical Society was recognized as the best student chapter for the hard and fruitful work done along all the years since its beginning. The award was announced during SEG Annual Meeting in Houston (USA). Due to covid conditions the event was carried out online and the awards were broadcasted on live. Watch SEG Honors & Ceremony 2020 The announcement can be seen at 15:50.

International Geosciences Student Conference 2019

From 16 to 20 June 2010, Uppsala SEG Student Chapter will host the 8th International Geosciences Student Conference in Uppsala, Sweden.

The International Geosciences Student Conference (IGSC) is a student-led and student-organized event. IGSC is an excellent opportunity to build leadership skills, network with peers and sponsors, and make a difference in the community.

Organizer team from IGSC-2010 carried out at Uppsala University

IGSC 2019 theme is Sharing ideas. Responsibly securing natural resources. With the ever importance of climate change and the energy transition we want to draw student’s attention to the role of geosciences in shaping the future of the world. ​ We would like to focus on the way all earth science disciplines contribute to securing the natural resources responsibly and sustainably for the next generations and how geoscience helps moving towards green and clean energy for a better future for many generations to come.

SEG Most Improved Student Chapter Award 2018

In 2018 Uppsala University Geophysical Society was awarded with the Most Improved Student Chapter Award and is the first student chapter recipient of this award. Award was handed during SEG Annual Meeting in Anaheim, USA to former chapter president Bojan Brodic.