University of Quebec SEG Student Chapter

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University of Quebec SEG Student Chapter
SEG SQC logo.jpg
University INRS-ETE & U-Laval
President Cecilia Dip
Faculty Advisor Erwan Gloaguen
Country Canada
Status Active
Ranking Base Level

University of Quebec SEG Student Chapter (Société Géophysique de Québec) it's Quebec City's student chapter. Founded in September 2007, it has being an active chapter opening the door for students to actively participate in projects and initiatives that promote the science of geophysics.


Year Faculty Advisor President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chairman
2019 Pr. Erwan Gloaguen Cecilia Dip Javier Fernandez Reynes Parham Adiban Farnaz Ghoraishi -
2018 Pr. Erwan Gloaguen Shiva Tirdad Cecilia Dip Obina Nzekwe Micha Horswill -
2017 Pr. Erwan Gloaguen Cecilia Dip Shiva Tirdad Micha Horswill Simon Gernez Obina Nzekwe
2016 Pr. Erwan Gloaguen Simon Gernez Shiva Tirdad Obina Nzekwe Patrick Brunet
2015 Pr. Erwan Gloaguen Simon Gernez Gabriel Fabien-Ouellet Obina Nzekwe Issam Bakari
2014 Pr. Erwan Gloaguen Gabriel Fabien-Ouellet


Presentations/Training courses

Date Guest lecturer Title
2018-11-23 Gervais Perron ( Directeur, developpement des affaire Mira Geoscience) Training course: Geoscience Analyst
2018-11-08 David Gray ( Senior Geophysical Advisor, Nexen) - CSEG Distiguished Lecturer An unconventional view of geoscience
2018-11-05 Satish Singh ( Pr. Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) - SEG Distinguished Lecturer Seismic FWI for fundamental scientific and industrial problems
2018-05-29 Gilles Bellefleur (Geological Survey of Canada) Sismique appliquée au domaine minier
2018-05-23 Jean-François Lalonde (Associate professor at Electrical and Computer engineering department of Laval University) Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality
2018-05-03 Gabriel Fabien-Ouellet (Assistant professor of geophysics at École polytechnique de Montréal) Automation of seismic processing by deep learning

Challenge Bowl

Back Row L-R:Ines Kanzari, Jonathan Fortin (Winner), Charles-Eli Mercier, Veronik Lord (Winner), Edgardo Alvarado, Mafalda Miranda, Front Row L-R: Obinna Nzekwe, Geneviève Fillion, Micha Horswill, Cecilia Dip, Shiva Tirdad
2018 Quebec’s Challenge Bowl Participants    

For the very first time, Quebec City hosted a Challenge Bowl and it was a big success. This first annual event took place at Laval’s University in Quebec City, on March the 16th. Four teams competed from both U-Laval and INRS universities. They competed for an all-expenses paid trip to represent Quebec at the National competition in Calgary. Around 50 people, including students and teachers came to see the competition.

Jonathan Fortin and Micha Horswill representing Quebec's chapter at the canadian final in Calgary's Geoconvention

Participation SLS/SEP

Focused on providing students with needed tools for successful careers, SEG hosts and partners with other organizations on special programs, expositions, and symposiums, to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

The SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program (SEP) is a 2 - 2½ day short course that prepares college students for the challenges of an oil industry career. The program includes lectures and exercises directly related to geoscience/geophysical work performed in the oil industry. ExxonMobil provides course materials, team exercises and instructors. Travel grants will cover the expenses for travel, lodging, and registration to SEG's Annual Meeting.

SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) offers travel grants to students who are currently active officers of an SEG Student Chapter. Students receiving the SLS travel grant award will participate in a two-day focused leadership program. This focused program for developing leadership skills will include an address by the SEG President, best practices presentations from selected Student Chapters, professional leadership coaching, an organized team building activity, and a Strategic Problem Solving Session with the SEG Executive Committee. Only fifty student leaders, representative of SEG's worldwide network of Student Chapters, will be selected to attend. Travel grants will cover the expenses for travel, lodging, and registration to SEG's Annual Meeting.

2019 Javier Fernandez Reynes Parham Adiban
2018 - Cecilia dip
2015 Obina Nzewke -
2014 - Gabriel Fabien-Ouellet
2013 Martin Blouin -
2012 Matthieu Sauvageau -
2011 Benjamin Gosselin -
2010 Camille Dubreuil -
Cecilia Dip at 2018 SEP in Anaheim, Ca
Martin Blouin at 2013 SLS in Houston, Tx