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About Us

University of Indonesia SEG Student Chapter (or also known as SEG UI SC) is an active SEG Student Chapter based in Depok, Indonesia. Established in 2011, SEG UI SC empowers students to participate and spearhead projects that will address issues, challenges and opportunities related to SEG’s mission of promoting the science of geophysics.


To incite passion of like-minded individuals on geophysics in earth science issues


  • Providing the knowledge bridge to share insight on geophysics between individuals
  • Honing applicable geophysical and soft skills in relevant earth science issues
  • Optimizing organizational management through effective communication and continuous improvement

Current Officers

Current Student Officers

  • President: Cecilia Patra Dewanty
  • Vice President: Alifia Syadrina
  • Secretary: Silmi Hamidah Nasution
  • Treasure: Fujita Olivia
  • Head of Communication Marketing Division: Naufal Faiz
  • Head of External Relations Division: Nurul Maulidira
  • Head of Event Division: Paulus Jirre
  • Head of Professionalism Service Division: Amanda Tasya
  • Head of Human Resource Division: Angela P. Naibaho
  • Head of Research and Evaluation Division: Tiara Azzahra

Current Chapter Officers

  • Faculty Advisor: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Abdul Haris
  • Assistant Faculty Advisor: Agus Riyanto

Previous Officers

  • 2022: President - Cecilia Patra Dewanty, Vice President - Alifia Syadrina, Treasurer - Fujita Olivia Marpaung, Secretary - Silmi Hamidah Nasution
  • 2021: President - Lisa Syahnidar Eka Putri, Vice President - Alif Fadhli, Treasurer - Hendun Naura, Secretary - Alifia Fatima
  • 2020: President - Ishaidir Siregar, Vice President - Sadan Rizky, Treasurer - Oktyasti, Secretary - Afifah
  • 2019: President - Tri Haryanto, Vice President - Dhery Mahendra, Treasurer - Friska Agustina, Secretary - Nanda Amina
  • 2017-2018: President - Tanisa Karima, Vice President - M. Farkhan Khoir, Treasurer - Adinda Nabila Herdani, Secretary - Nurdianasari Latuconsina
  • 2016: President - Bambang Trenggono Muhammad

Outreach Programs

Geoschool (2022)

Geoschool is the act of sharing and introducing beneficial knowledge on earth science. In the year 2022, SEG UI SC conducted this work program, raising the theme of "Social Action with Love & Insight". The event was held in PYI Yatim & Zakat in Depok, West Java. Through this outreach program, SEG UI SC have successfully raised 1,000,000 IDR (or approx. 66 USD) to the orphanage. SEG UI SC have also taught the 10 children of the orphanage of hazard mitigation in a fun approach, through creation of a baking soda volcano, interactive quiz and prizes.

Humanity in Action (2021)

Humanity in Action is an open donations in support of those in need. In the year 2021, the focus of this donation is towards Palestine in collaboration with Act For Humanity. According to the Minsitry of Health in Gaza, the damage Palestinians received before the ceasefire was Israeli airstrikes and artillery fire in Gaza that killed 253 Palestinians, including 66 children and injured more than 1,900 people in 11 days of conflict. Through this outreach program, SEG UI SC have successfully a total donation of 1,204,110 IDR (or approx. 80 USD).

Academic Programs


Integrated Virtual Talk with Professional (or INVERSION) is one of SEG UI SC's flagship program where professionals are invited as speakers to enhance the knowledge and awareness on geophysics in earth science issues of the participants. The following is the list of INVERSION done since first established in 2020:

  1. "Is Mining Really Ready for the Future" by Diki Nurul Huda, S.Si (GIS Technician at Indonesia's well-known mining company) and Titis Wibowo (Geoscience Business Improvement at Indonesia's well-known mining company) - December 3rd 2022.
  2. "Enabling Oil and Gas Producing Countries to Transition towards Low Carbon Future" by Daren Mathew Benfield B.Sc. (HONs), MSc. FGS (Geophysicist Exploration at Saudi Aramco) - April 9th 2022.
  3. "Geothermal Reservoir: Indonesia's Untapped Energy Potential" by Arif Darmawan (Geothermal Geophysicist Exploration at PT Geo Dipa Energi) and Ridwan Permana Sidik (Assistant Manager Exploration Planning at PT Geo Dipa Energi) - February 27th 2022.
  4. "Geophysicists Prospect and Objective in Mining" by Ir. Aditya Wijoyo Pringgoprawiro, S.Si, M.M (Director at PT Eksplorasi Nusa Jaya) - October 30th 2021.
  5. "Geoscience Python on Well Log Analysis" by Agus Abdullah (Founder of Geodwipa Cloud Computing) - April 10th 2021.
  6. "Application of Open Source GIS for G&G Data Management in the OIl and Gas Industry" by Wendi Adrian, S.T. (Spatial Data Scientist in PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk) - May 22th 2021.
  7. "The Oil & Gas Industry through the Ever-Evolving Rapid Utilization of Technology" by Ardian Nengkoda (Lead Petroleum Engineer at Aramco) and Luky Hendraningrat (Staff Scientist (Reservoir Engineer) at Petronas Malaysia) - March 13th 2021.
  8. "Geothermal Exploration" by Rindu Grahabhakti and Reka Tanuwidjaja - November 13th 2020
  9. "Get to Know the Sinabung Eruption" by Gamma and Hendra - September 10th 2020.
  10. "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Processing in Geophysics" by Agus Abdullah (Founder of Geodwipa Cloud Computing) - August 30th 2020.
  11. "Machine Learning for Geoscience - Study Case: Seismic & Well Data" by Leo Cahya Dinendra (Pertamina EP) - August 18th 2020.
  12. "The Role of Core Analysis for Petrophysical Interpretation" by Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar - June 7th 2020
  13. "Geomechanics: Expanding the Role of Geophysics" by Ngurah Beni Setiawan and Kukuh Al Rasyid - June 1st 2020.
  14. "The Benefit of Learning GIS" by Lilik Prasetya (PT Geotama Prima Usaha Geophysicist / G&G Consultant) - May 30th 2020.
  15. "Executing Reservoir Characterization by Evaluating Seismic Data: Well Seismic Tie" by Paulus Allo (Seismic Analyst) - May 22nd 2020.

Coaching Clinic

Coaching Clinic is a geophysics-related training course, such as for competitions or softwares. The following is the list of Coaching Clinic that SEG UI SC has done:

  1. Seismic Interpretation Training 2022. This event was held on June 2022. SEG UI SC invited Ricky Tampuolon, S.T., M.Sc (Exploration Geologist at Odira Energy Karang Agung) as the mentor. A total of 11 participants were selected to attend this training from the registration.
  2. Survey Design Compeittion Training 2021. This event was held on August 2021. A total of 6 teams were selected to attend this training from the registration.
  3. Geographic Information System (GIS) Training for Young Geoscientist 2021. This event was held on June 4th and 11th, 2021. In collaboration with SM-IAGI UI, this event trains young geoscientist in GIS by Eufrasia Bianca Amaryllis Diatmiko (Solution Specialist at ESRI Indonesia).
  4. Geothermal Case Study Training 2021. In collaboration with IATMI SM UI, this event raised the theme of "Geothermal Potential in Geoscience, Engineering, and Economical Aspect", held on April 25th and May 2nd, 2021. SEG UI SC invited Irvan Ramadhan, S.T. (Geophysicist at PT Supreme Energy Muara Laboh) and Ichwan Agust Elfajrie (Geothermal Reservoir Engineer and Modeler at PT Geo Dipa Energi) as speakers. T
  5. Geophysical Python Programming Language Training 2021. This event was held on April 4th and 10th, 2021. SEG UI SC invited Waskito Pranowo, M.T. (Lecturer at the University of Pertamina) as speaker to give an introduction to Python for well logging visualization and gravity processing, as well as implementing Python for basic seismic attribute and kriging.


LUNAR is short video content surrounding current issues in an interactive way. The topics raised ranges from soft skill to even environmental awareness, such as:

  1. Why Do the World Need SDGs?
  2. Climate Change Impact on Energy
  3. Hustle Culture Lead to Burnout
  4. Tips to Stay Healthy During Pandemic
  5. How to Avoid Burnout
  6. How to Stay Productive in Pandemic: 101
  7. Tips to Improve Your English in This Pandemic
  8. Tips for Building Personal Brand and Boost Your Career
  9. Easiest Way To Know Yourself Deeper

Collaborative Programs

Company Visit: PT Geo Dipa Energi (2022)

Company Visit aims to gain insights of geoscience jobs within the exploration world. In collaboration with the Geophysics Students Association of the University of Indonesia, SEG UI SC visits PT Geo Dipa Energi at the Patuha Geothermal Power Plant in Bandung, West Java on December 14th, 2022. A total of 29 participants, consisting of mostly 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students, attended this event. Chevy Iskandar, the Resources Assistant Manager at PT Geo Dipa Energi, gave a presentation on the role of geophysicists in the exploration, development and production stage of a geothermal industry. With warm welcome of ttendees were able to visit the geothermal power plant, as well as the production and injection well with enthusiasm.

SEG Summit (2022)

SEG Summit aims to accomodate all SEG Student Chapters in Indonesia to be a place of shared insight and discussion of earth related issues, specifically geopysics. After a period of hiatus due to the pandemic, SEG Summit 2022 was held online, hosted by SEG UI SC and SEG ITS SC.

A benchmarking event held on May 22nd, 2022 to share and networking between student chapters. This event was attended by:

  • University of Indonesia SEG Student Chapter
  • Institute of Technology Bandung SEG Student Chapter
  • Gadjah Mada University SEG Student Chapter
  • University of Lampung SEG Student Chapter
  • Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember SEG Student Chapter
  • University of Brawijaya SEG Student Chapter
  • University of Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Yogyakarta SEG Student Chapter
  • Syiah Kuala University SEG Student Chapter
  • University of Padjadjaran SEG Student Chapter
  • University of Pertamina SEG Student Chapter
  • Diponegoro University SEG Student Chapter
  • Hasanuddin University SEG Student Chapter
  • Universitas Halu Oleo SEG Student Chapter
  • Women's Network SEG Student Chapter

A grand webinar was held on May 29th, 2022, raising the theme of "The Role of Geoscientists in the Resilience of a Sustainable Future" with introspects of aspects of humanity, academic and industrial. This event invited:

  1. Dr. Ir. Amien Widodo, M.Si (Lecturer and Researcher at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology)
  2. Dyah Nindita Sahdarani, S.Si., M.Energy (Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Indonesia)

Petro Discussion (2021)

Petro Discussion is a collaborative event between SPE UI SC and SEG UI SC, which consists of Seminar and FGD session about oil and gas latest issue. The seminar is held on August 28th 2021, with Eko Yudhi Purwanto (Senior Analyst Planning & Evaluation Pertamina Subholding Upstream) as the speaker.

Virtual Company Visit: BP Indonesia (2021)

During the global pandemic, SEG UI SC sucessfully conducted a Virtual Company Visit to BP Indonesia on June 16th, 2021. This event is in collaboration with Geophysics Student Association of the University of Indonesia and AAPG UGM SC. Two representative of BP Indonesia, Nurfiana Rachmawati (Exploration Geophysics) and Paramita Avianti (Development Geophysics), discussed with participants about the hydrocarbon life cycle and energy outlook.

Women in STEM Project (2021)

Women in STEM Project is a collaborative project betweeen AAPG UI SC and SEG UI SC, which interviews geoscientist women in STEM. It is in the form of an 8-minute short video that expresses appreciation to women who have contributed to the field of STEM. The women who were interviewed for this project were:

  1. Rachel Tiurma (IT Service Delivery Manager at PT Berca Hardayaperkasa)
  2. Prilia A. Adriani (Geophysicist at PETRONAS)
  3. Winda Novianti (Lecturer at the University of Indonesia)
  4. Asri Noni (Lecturer at the University of Indonesia)
  5. Dyah Nindita (Lecturer at the University of Indonesia)

ENERSHOW by EnerKLAZ (2021)

In a collaboration with EnerShow, SEG UI SC brought a seminar with the theme "Embracing The Energy Transition: From Dilemma to Strategy" on May 8th, 2021. The speaker was Fadli Rahman (Tenaga Ahli Menteri BUMN Komisaris PHE).

SEG Student Programs

SEG Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of donors, SEG offers a range of different scholarship to students. Through SEG UI SC, the following has successfully became the awardee of the SEG Scholarship:

  • 2022/2023 - Tsabita Rasyda, Rafli Adestia, Cecilia Patra Dewanty
  • 2021/2022 - Sherina, Alif Fadhli Anshari, Anzalna Naufal Amaya

SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium (SLS)

SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium focuses on leadership, teamwork and communication skills building for participants. SEG UI SC has successfully sent a nominee to participate in the SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) Program. The following is our list of nominees:

  • 2022 - Cecilia Patra Dewanty, the President of SEG UI SC 2022 (Accepted). SLS 2022 was held at 28 September - 1 October 2022 in Houston, Texas, USA .
  • 2021 - Alif Fadhli Anshari, the Vice President of SEG UI SC 2021 (Accepted). SLS 2021 was held virtually.
  • 2020 - Darin Alya Khairunnisa Rizdinanti, the Director of Event Division of SEG UI SC 2020 (Accepted). SLS 2020 was held at 11-16 October 2020 in Houston, Texas, USA.
  • 2019 - Ishaidir Siregar, the Director of Event Division of SEG UI SC 2019 (Accepted). SLS 2019 was held at 19-22 May 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
  • 2018 - Dhara Adhnandya Kumara, the Head of Workshop Division of SEG UI SC 2017 (Accepted). SLS 2018 was held in Anaheim, Califormia, USA.
  • 2017 - Tanisa Karima, the President of SEG UI SC 2017 (Accepted). SLS 2017 was held in Houston, Texas, USA.

SEG Challenge Bowl

SEG Challenge Bowl is an international competition testing students’ breadth and depth of knowledge about the field of geoscience.

  • 2022: The second SEG Challenge Bowl for the Asia Pacific Region was hosted by SEG UGM SC and SEG ITB SC. Our two delegates, Dzaky Wajdi and Stefanny Rizika Amina, won 5th place.
  • 2021: The first ever SEG Challenge Bowl for the Asia Pacific Region was hosted by SEG UI SC. Our delegates, Ishaidir Siregar and Desta Suci Fitirani, won 2nd place.

International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC)

The International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) is a falgship multidisciplinary oil and gas conference exhibition, organised to further the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge related to the exploration, development, production, transportation and processing of oil and natural gas. It is sponsored by four industry organisations and societies; AAPG, EAGE, SEG and SPE.

  • IPTC 2023 will be held on 1-3 March 2023 at Bangkok, Thailand, with PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd. (PTTEP) as the Exclusive Host. SEG UI SC successfully nominated Stefanny Rizika Amina.
  • IPTC 2022 was held on 21-23 February 2022 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with Saudi Aramco serving as the Exclusive Host. SEG UI SC successfully sent 2 delegates, Naila Adriani and Alif Fadhli. Both are the only delegates from the entire SEG student chapter in Indonesia to attend IPTC 2022.

Contact Us

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  • Linkedin: SEG Universitas Indonesia - Student Chapter (
  • Facebook: SEG Universitas Indonesia - SC (
  • Address: A Building, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UI