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University Of Lampung Geophysical Society
University University of Lampung
President Restu Wildanu Ahadi
Faculty Advisor Dr. Ir. Muh Sarkowi, S.Si., M.Si.
Country Indonesia
Status Active
Ranking Summit level

Society of Exploration Geophysicists University of Lampung Student Chapter (SEG SC Unila) is an active Student Chapter located in Lampung, Indonesia. SEG SC Unila was established in 2013 by Annisa Mutiara Badri as a founder and first President of SEG SC University Lampung. In the 7th year the existence SEG SC in the University of Lampung has many activities and programmes for support and development Geophysical students potentials and skills in organization and also in the field of geophysics, as the exploration geophysicist.

The University of Lampung SC fulfils their vision and mission by:


Create SEG Unila SC as an organization that synergizes in developing individual potential in academic and non-academic circles and has an impact on society.

  • Strengthening internal relationships between individuals.
  • Accommodate each individual in developing sustainable organizational management
  • Improve and hone academic and non-academic potential
  • Realizing the real impact of social activities in the community


  • President: Restu Wildanu Ahadi
  • Vice President: M. Daffa Hafiz A
  • Secretary: Fatiha Salsabila
  • Treasurer: Luscacini Maria
  • Head of Education Division: Fahri Rizal
  • Head of Human Resources Development Division: Fachri Aldi Pramudya
  • Head of Internal Division: Haidar Prida Mazzaluna
  • Head of External Division: Jefri Martin Simamora
  • Head of Publication & Documentation Division : Ambrosius Hernawan Wibisono

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Ir. Muh Sarkowi, S.Si., M.Si


During a period, SEG SC Unila has held various activities and programs, not only in a geophysics field also student chapter outreach event to a high school and society and collaborate with other universities and company.

SEG SC Activities

National Grand Seminar

The national seminar is one of the annual events of Geophysical Engineering University of Lampung. In 2016 seminar with the topic "With Geophysics, We Explore Indonesia Treasure Energy” by Mr.Awang Satyana (Senior Geologist - SKK Migas) and Mr.Angga (Geothermal Ulubelu Power Plant). By joining this seminar student can know knowledge hoe the role of geophysicist in the explore the energy such as oil and gas exploration, geothermal exploration. This event has conducted successfully collaborated with HIMA TG Bhuwana, AAPG SC and has sponsored and supported by SKK Migas, CNOOC Ses Ltd., Pertamina Geothermal Energy, and HAGI.


A course to give information and knowledge to all of the geophysics students in the University of Lampung and around Lampung about the global current issues in geophysical exploration. The lecturers were invited from professionals. This program was held many times and It has parallel sessions series from base to advance in a year period (Started by overview seismic design acquisition then applied seismic design using software MESA, then overview the operation of seismic data acquisition then visitfield in real field seismic land acquisition, then the next sessions to workshop for processing and advanced processing)


A workshop is two days intensive programs of Lampung University Geophysical Society to gain more knowledge. This Program helps our member in using of software in any field which is learned by professionals in Industry. This program was held many times a year and the topic was mostly based on the current needs of students such as seismic inversion and interpretation for oil and gas exploration and Magnetotelluric method for geothermal exploration.

Fieldtrip and Fieldcamp

A field trip which is held in coordination with Geophysics Student Society (HMTG) to give experiences for first, second, and third-year students to apply what they learned in class to the real field. By joining this program, they will be able to acquire, process, and interpret data. The participants were divided into many teams. They make their own survey design based on the methods and target. They also present the results and write a paper. The fieldcamp has conducted in Way Ratai Geothermal Field for 5 days by using Gravity Method, Magnetic Method, Geoelectric method, Thermal Conductivity, GPR and Geological Fieldtrip to identify rock outcrops and relation with geothermal manifestation. In other days, a fieldtrip for identification Mangan Ore in Pesawaran has conducted by using resistivity method.

Company Visit

Company visit is the SC's activities to visit a company that related to geoscientist role especially for geophysics role in the energy industry (oil and gas, geothermal, mining) and hazard mitigation to know more how the company profile, how the geoscience applied in work setting of the company. Through this event, students have a chance to widen their experience around the future workplace as a geophysicist. During a period SEG SC University of Lampung has held two company visit to PT.Pertamina Geothermal Energy Ulubelu and PLN PLTP Ulubelu Tanggamus. We hope SEG SC could spread wings to make a relation with the company not only in Lampung, also in Indonesia and international.

VisitField (Site Visit, Company Visit and Field Trip)

VisitField is parallel sessions consist of company visit with a lecture of the company then fieldtrip to the operation site. The great opportunity got by SEG SC to do visitfield Land Seismic Data Acquisition in Lampung III Block, Central Lampung. Which is the Lampung III Block owned by PT.Harpindo Mitra Kharisma. In this opportunity, consist of 2 sessions which one is indoor guest lecture students lectured by Chief Geologist PT Harpindo Mitra Kharisma and SKK Migas explained Lampung's Oil and Gas prospect area, Lampung III Block area based on geological data and the overview of the land seismic operation. The students directly saw how's work line of land seismic acquisition started by spreading line seismic (source and receiver point), saw how's arranging the source seismic using dynamites, and recording in Lab Truck, then the explanation of seismic recording. By this event, 3 students (one SC's officer) got an opportunity to join the project for a month and good relationship with geophysical engineering department University of Lampung.

SEG SC Participated in SEG Student Programs

Honorary Lecture

A course which is held to give more information and knowledge for all of the geophysics students in The University of Lampung and around Lampung about the global current issues in geophysical exploration. The lecturers were invited from SEG professionals. Since We formed, SEG SC University of Lampung has held third honorary lectures in 2014, 2015 and 2017. We hope to get this lecture every year.

Chevron Student Leadership Symposium

SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium offers travel grants to students who are currently active officers of a SEG Student Chapter. Travel grants were funded by a Chevron leadership commitment to the SEG Foundation. The focused program for developing leadership skills will include an address by the SEG President, best practices presentations from selected Student Chapters, professional leadership coaching, an organized team building activity, and a Strategic Problem Solving Session with the SEG Executive Committee. Only fifty student leaders, the representative of SEG's worldwide network of Student Chapters, will be selected to attend. Not only did the students learn about leadership, but they also had the opportunity to partake in all the technical expertise, networking, and excitement on offer at the Annual Meeting. Since we formed, SEG SC University of Lampung has got three opportunities to attend the SLS. For the first time delegation is Annisa Mutiara Badri (2014), Raynaldo A Pratama (2016) and Widia Anggraeni (2017) attend SLS in Houston, TX USA.

SEG SC Outreach

SC led an outreach event to give positive impacts in high school and society. We have programs for high school and applied geophysics methods for helping the society.

SEG Social Care

SEG Social care is charity programs. The purpose of this activity is to give positive impact with concern for fellow human beings as the student in real society, giving the socialization about geophysics in earthquake hazard mitigation, giving free medical check-up and giving a social donation to the low-income family. This program has held in the remote area by coordination with HIMA TG Bhuwana, AAPG SC Unila, SM IAGI Unila and Medical Student of University of Lampung. We hope, we can care and share more charity to society.

SEG Goes To School

The activity to introduce “What is geophysics?”, “What is the job for Geophysics in oil and gas industry?” and “Geophysics role in hazard mitigation” for students. Also simulation of Earthquake mitigation (students can understand how to save the life when the earthquake happens). This event has held in many high schools in Bandar Lampung city, then we spread more with KKN University's programs in Lampung province.

The Earth Science Olympiad

We make an outreach event to high school by holding an olympiad.This event purpose to gain earth science potential of students in Lampung. We facilitate for olympiad in the text test, practical test and discussion session. Also giving interest in studying earth science and the availability of student resources in the province of Lampung who is ready to follow national and international geoscience olympiad event.

Collaborate with other Chapters or Universities

In the fourth of SEG SC Unila's mission, keeping good relationship with internal and external parties that includes collaborating with other chapters or universities. In the University of Lampung there are Hima TG Bhuwana, AAPG Student Chapter, SM IAGI. Some of SEG SC's events have held by coordinating with other SC in around University of Lampung. Then SEG SC's spread to external parties has held events with Sumatera Geophysical Student Society, Sumatera Institute Technology and University of Jambi.

Company Visit collaborated with Sumatera Geophysical Student Society at PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Ulubelu.

Guest Lecture collaborated with Sumatera Geophysical Student Society (HMGI Regional I), Sumatera Institute Technology and University of Jambi with the topic "Rock Physics and Basic Seismic Interpretation for Reservoir Characterization" sponsored by Indonesia Association of Geophysics (HAGI) and supported by Indonesian Young Geoscientist Forum (FGMI).

Co-curricular activities

SOS(Solidarity of SEG)

SOS, an annual event of SEG SC University of Lampung as internal member gathering to build a solidarity, communication, and good teamwork intern student chapter SEG SC University of Lampung. This event includes sharing, discussion intern member, and games to achieve the goal.

Student Chapter Gallery

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Society of Exploration Geophysicists
University of Lampung
L Building of Engineering faculty
Jln Soemantri Brojonegoro no.1 Bandar Lampung
Lampung, Indonesia



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