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Society of Exploration Geophysicists Student Chapter University of Pertamina (SEG SC UP) is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. SEG SC UP has been officially registered at Universitas Pertamina in November 2017. SEG SC UP has many activities and programs to support and elaborate world geoscientists, especially as geophysicists, generating positive impacts towards society. There are four departments in this chapter: Internal, External, Documentation and Publication, and Monetary Departments.

The Student Chapter of Universitas Pertamina holds on to their vision, which are:

  1. Creating network and developing management skill.
  2. Applying both integrity and Geoscience in organization.
  3. Competing with Best National Student Chapter and becoming a world class Student Chapter.

Their missions are achieved by:

  1. Upgrading the human resources through developing leadership skills, team management, and opportunity to build relation with others.
  2. Escalating knowledges of geoscience in practices as well as in theory.
  3. Updating global issues of geophysics.
  4. Setting the mindset of a critical thinker, innovator, and problem solver.
  5. Being able to analyze problems or issues, then finish it by giving out the most effective solution.

Faculty Advisor

  • Agus Abdullah, PhD.


  • President  : Muhammad Zidan Amrullah
  • Vice President  : Jeovantika Rosellin
  • Secretary  : Yunisa Indri
  • Treasurer  : Ayum Puspita
  • Internal Department  : Nabila Safira
  • External Department  : Try Any Spriyani Pangabean
  • Documentation and Publication Department  : Faris Zuhair
  • Monetary Department  : Alysia Wiandra

Programs and Events


  1. [SEG GEOTHINKING] In the first year at Pertamina University, students did not immediately learn about the related majors, but students were held TPB (Joint Preparation Phase) beforehand to align the basic abilities of students in all majors, therefore we are from the internal division work programs. Geothinking is held for first-year students can have related Geophysical Engineering study programs and have preparations at the next level. The objectives include the following: <> First-year students can have a picture related to the Geophysical Engineering study program <> First-year students can have more preparation to face college at the next level <> First-year students can learn Geophysical Engineering studies in depth
  2. [SEG PYTHON COURSE FOR GEOSCIENTISTS] Python for Geoscientists Course is one of the work programs of the SEGSCUP which is held at the end of each semester. Python for Geoscientists Course was held to support the development of the times in the 4.0 era. Thus for the field of geophysics which is part of the geoscientist, it is necessary to study more closely related to python so as to facilitate geophysical work, especially in data processing. The objectives include the following: <> To introduce programming languages to Geoscientists. <> To create an advanced program related to processing geophysical data. <> To introduce the Big Data that can be processed easily using the Python Programming Language.
  3. [SEG TALKS] The Society of Exploration Geophysicist Student Chapter of Pertamina University is a professional organization engaged in studies and science related to the field of Geophysics. In this organization, students who are members of the SEG SC UP are required and trained to become individuals who are able to compete in the world of work, both in terms of science and soft skills that must be owned by each individual. Softskill is a sociological term relating to emotional intelligence, personality traits, social skills, communication, language, habits, etc. which characterizes a person's ability to relate to others. SEG Talks organized by SEG Student Chapter Pertamina University is an activity that aims to develop soft skills owned by members, especially in expressing public opinion or communicating between individuals, this activity is carried out by giving a presentation on the field of geophysical science and discussion at the end of the event to increase the critical thinking of each problem, especially in geophysical science. The objectives include the following: <> Practicing the public speaking skills of each SEG SC UP member <> Add insight and improve the logic of critical thinking
  4. [ SEG COMPANY VISIT] Society of Exploration Geophysicist Student Chapter of Pertamina University (SEG SC UP) is an organization of geophysical professional organizations covering an international scale. The SEG SC UP was established as a place for geophysical students to spearhead projects concerned with issues and opportunities related to the vision and mission of SEG. The SEG SC UP was inaugurated in November 2017 at Pertamina University. SEG SC UP does a lot of activities and programs to support and develop expertise and contributions in the world of geophysics in order to produce a large positive impact on society. One of the mission of this organization is to develop the potential and capability of each of its members as a form of preparation / training in entering the workforce. Therefore, to support the mission, SEG SC UP intends to hold an industry visit (company visit) to PT. Schlumberger is our first step to contribute in the world of oil and gas in Indonesia. The objectives include the following: <> Equipping company visit participants with knowledge about work world preparation <> Train and improve the ability of participants in the use of software used in the oil and gas industry <> Motivate participants to increase interest in the development of science and technology in the oil and gas industry
  5. [SEG GOES TO SCHOOL] SMA 32 Jakarta is located in a strategic environment, with a location within 3 km from the Pertamina University campus, precisely in the New State Secretariat Complex Cidodol Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta. For 40 years this high school was established, alumni who continued their education in the geophysics field had very small presentations. This socialization activity is expected to be able to provide new insights into the world of geophysics and encourage the interest of 32 Jakarta High School students, especially twelfth grade students who will carry out national examinations and will continue their education to a higher level, to further their tertiary education programmed in geophysical engineering studies. The objectives include the following: <> SEG Student Chapter Pertamina University through the Relation and Publication division and HMTGF Orthonorm through the Republican division are able to introduce the world of geophysics to students of SMA 32 Jakarta. <> Conducting a GPR tool demo as one of the geophysical methods used in the acquisition, so students get experience testing geophysical tools.
  6. [SEG BENCHMARKING] As an effort to expand the network, SEG SC UP is carrying out work programs such as benchmarking for communication between geophysical students on other campuses, especially between the Student Chapter. SEG SC UP Benchmarking Visit held with SEG ITB SC and SEG UI SC. The objectives include the following: <> As a place to exchange ideas, ideas and criticisms in carrying out the SEG Student Chapter. <> Establish cooperation in carrying out activities.
  7. [KINGDOM SEISMIC INTERPRETATION WORKSHOP] Indonesia is facing a decline in petroleum production since the last few decades, so hydrocarbon exploration activities must be carried out to balance oil production and consumption. Seismic data has long been the main exploration method in the oil and gas industry because it is able to describe subsurface arrangements for a certain area. But over time, further increases in the utility of seismic interpretation are available on the market, not everyone continues to be updated with this rapid increase. But during the decline in oil prices, a generation of seismic interpreters entered into the equation and therefore, significant efforts need to be made to restore the "lost part" by continuing knowledge and experience. Seismic data is the most widely used data for hydrocarbon exploration because it is able to describe subsurface arrangements of a particular area. This data offers a basic amplitude response in the time domain or depth that can be used to map subsurface areas to search for "structural closures" which act as petroleum exploration targets because they generally accumulate hydrocarbons, if the closure emits anomalous specific seismic amplitude anomalies. This 2-day course aims to share the latest seismic interpretations and how to make a good subsurface map using industry standard workflows solely to train participants how hydrocarbon exploration is usually carried out. This event is sponsored by IHS Markit and Petropro The objectives include the following: <> Identify the overall outline of subsurface using regional and geological data. <> Implement how to interpret seismic and interpretation tools (seismic attributes, etc.) available in Kingdom software <> Analyzing the possibility of hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbons related to seismic anomalies using regional understanding of the study area.
  8. [FIELDCAMP: Identification of Geothermal Potentials and Disaster Mitigation on Mount Peyek] This activity was carried out by the collaboration of SEG SC UP and HMTGF Orthonorm of Pertamina University. As young geophysicists, students are required to have the ability to operate geophysical instrumentation, process raw data and interpret results. The location is centered around Mt. Peyek, Ciseeng, Bogor, West Java. This activity is sponsored by Exact and Pertamina Geothermal Energy The objectives include the following: <> Identify heat sources by using several geophysical methods, such as geomagnetic, resistivity, and gravity methods. <> Identifying landslide areas and weathered land using the seismic refraction method and GPR. <> Educating the local community about geothermal in general. <> Educating the local community about landslide potential areas.
  9. [SEG SCHOLARSHIP] This scholarship is aimed at Pertamina University Geophysical Engineering students who have good academic achievements. Scholarship funds obtained from the Python Course for Geoscientist.
  10. [1st Winner of PetroChallenge 2019] Rahayu Anjani, as a delegation from SEG SC UP succeeded in becoming 1st place in the PetroChallenge event held by the Indonesian Petroleum Association.


[ SEG PYTHON COURSE FOR GEOSCIENTIST] Agus Abdullah, our faculty advisor as a speaker at Python Course for Geoscientist
SEG UP SC held a company visit at PT. Schlumberger Cikarang
[SEG GEOTHINKING] The main topic of this course is refraction seismic. Students are asked to do first break picking with two layers of modeling output.
SEGTalks is a work program of SEG SC UP to improve public speaking and presentation skills.
SEG GOES TO SCHOOL is a work program of SEG SC UP to introduce the world of geophysics to high school students at SMAN 32 Jakarta
KINGDOM SEISMIC INTERPRETATION WORKSHOP is a collaborative work program of SEG SC UP, HMTGF ORTHONORM PERTAMINA UNIVERSITY and Indonesian Brain Gain which has the aim to provide basic knowledge regarding seismic interpretation and hands on using Kingdom software. This event is sponsored by IHS Markit and Petropro
Operation of the resistivity method on the Fieldcamp
SEG Scholarship
Rahayu Anjani and team win the 1st place at Petro Challenge 2019


Jalan Teuku Nyak Arief, Simprug, Grogol Selatan,
RT.7/RW.8, Grogol Sel., Kby. Lama, Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12220

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