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The UdelaR SEG Student Chapter is a group of students with a diverse academic background and experience, following careers in geology; engineering, geophysics, and Water-Resources. Created in December of 2020, the group has focused in organizing talks, online conferences and field trips focused around the study of geophysics and several related geosciences subjects.


The Student Chapter was founded on December 9th of the year 2020, by a group of professionals including the now Advisor Julián Andrés Ramos and Co-Advisor Elena Alvareda.

Events in 2021

In 2021, the organized events were held virtually due to the epidemiological situation that began in 2020.


"1st Udelar SEG Student Chapter week of talks"

The first group of conferences organized by the UdelaR Student Chapter, which included a total of 6 virtual meetings held over the course of a week, given by a number of professionals, all following topics within the realms of geophysics and geology:

"Estudios hidrogeofísicos para caracterización del Sistema Acuífero Salto-Arapey en Salto, Uruguay." By MSc Eng. Julián Ramos

"Experiencia en gerencia y direccion de exploración de hidrocarburos en Uruguay cuenca norte." By MSc Eng. Guillermo Dubosc

"Geofísica para investigación de recursos hídricos subterráneos." By MSc. Eng. Jorge De Los Santos.

"Métodos geofísicos para la exploración de hidrocarburos, y su aplicación en otros sectores de la exploración y explotación de recursos." By MSc Eng. Pablo Gristo

"Gravimetría en la exploración de Hidrocarburos: caso de estudio de la Cuenca Santa Lucía." By MSc Eng. Pablo Rodríguez.

"Importancia de los recursos hídricos asociados al basamento cristalino." By PhD Karina Pamoukaghlian.

"Series of talks on Geosciences" by SEG Student Chapters from Argentina and Uruguay

The series of talks was organized by the SEG student chapters of the Udelar, UBA, UNC, UNS, UNSJ and UNT universities. In total, 9 virtual meetings were held over three weeks, given by professionals in the earth sciences:

"Exploration geophysics for the energy transition" by Pablo Gristo Savornin.

"Characterization of reservoirs through deductive and inductive methods" by Luis Stinco.

"Structural seismic interpretation" by Alvis Campos.

"Electromagnetic methods combined with geomatic techniques as complements to hydrogeological investigations in Salto, Uruguay" by Julián Ramos.

"Remote sensing and magnetism applied to the structural study of polydeformed metamorphic terrains" by Juan Pablo Ariza.

"Satellite gravimetry and its applications to geotectonics" by Orlando Alvarez.

"The geophysical role in hydrocarbon exploration" by Renzo Vargas.

"Analysis and interpretation of magnetic anomalies" by Laura Mariana Longo.

"Volcanic Geodesy at the Argentine Volcanic Surveillance Observatory" by Gemma Acosta.

Events in 2022

The activities in 2022 include field activities, and participation in the X Uruguayan Geological Congress:

Field Activities

Student Chapter members participated in field activities through the "Hispanic Groundwater Course" or "Curso Hispanoamericano de Hidrología Subterránea" given to a number of latinamerican professionals and students, by the Faculty of Engineering at UdelaR, following courses and engaging projects that involved the use of Geophysical methods such as TDEM, ERT, and other Electric Resistivity methods, for Hydrogeological purposes.

Members also took part in certain field activities that were involved in a training program for workers of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), where they acted as assistants in the use of several geophysical methods.

Lastly, some members also participated in field presentations during events organized by UdelaR, such as the "Semana de Puertas Abiertas" in which they offered short demonstrations of electromagnetic geophysical methods and certain degrees of basic geoscience knowledge, promoting the studies of geosciences and geophysics to a wide and diverse group, including high school students, professors and fellow university students.


"X Congreso Uruguayo de Geología"

Members of the Student Chapter participated as lecturers in the geophysics series of presentations, showing and discussing projects, including some of the activities partaken by the Student Chapter, shown as follows:

"MARCO DEL CAPITULO ESTUDIANTIL DE LA “SOCIETY OF EXPLORATION GEOPHYSICISTS” EN URUGUAY" by Armando Borrero; Elena Alvareda; Lucía Samaniego; Julián Ramos; Andrés Saracho.

"EVALUACIÓN Y VALORACIÓN DEL MÉTODO TRANSITORIO EN EL DOMINIO DEL TIEMPO EN DIFERENTES LITOTIPOS DE URUGUAY" by Julián Ramos; Alfonso Flaquer; María Eugenia Franzoni; Fabiana Robledo; Armando Borrero; Patricia Martinelli; Pablo Gamazo.

"MÉTODOS GEOFÍSICOS COMBINADOS PARA ESTUDIOS DE SUELOS AGRÍCOLAS EN COLONIA, SALTO Y SORIANO, URUGUAY" by Julián Ramos; Santiago Gonnet; Andrés Quincke; Andrés Berger; Álvaro Otero; Armando Borrero; Claudio García; Agustín Menta; Patricia Martinelli; Marcos Beltramelli; Pablo Gamazo.

Contact Information

Officer Position Name Email
Advisor Julián Andrés Ramos [email protected]
Co-advisor Elena Alvareda [email protected]
President Armando Alexis Borrero Hernandez [email protected]
Vice-President Agustín Menta -
Secretary Katherine Urivsky -
Assistant-Secretary Lucía Samaniego -
Treasurer Andrés Saracho -
Press & Media Secretary Josefina Peralta -