Unipampa Geophysics

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Unipampa Geophysics

[email protected]

Student Chapter at Universidade Federal do Pampa

Administration 2015 - 2016

Maximilian Fries (Adviser)

Jean Carlos Andrade de Carli (President)

Guilherme Henrique Lenz (Vice-President)

Eduardo Almeida Bueno (Treasurer)

Marieli Machado Zago (Secretary)

We are the SEG Student Chapter from the Federal University of the Pampa. Our University is located in the Southern part of the Brazil in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul and it is the only university in the southern region that offers bachelor's degree in Geophysics. As a federal university, no tuition and others fees are required. Hence, students from all the states come to study. Every year the Unipampa offers opportunities to international students. Come study geophysics with us and learn more about our language and culture.

As a student organization we aim to do a project each two months. Those outreach projects are related to present the geoscience to students in Middle and High Schools. Pictures are available in our webpage. Other projects are related to support researches and new ideas from our students.

If you have any questions or suggestion. If you want to work together with us in our projects, please do not hesitate in contact us.

Send us a email and follow us in our socials medias.

Official email: [email protected]

Facebook Page - [Unipampa Geophysics]

Instagram - [unipampageophysics]

Twitter - [@Uni_Geophysics]