Unconventional Resources (SEG SRW 2008)

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SEG/EAGE 2008 Summer Research Workshop
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Date 7-11 September 2008
Sponsor(s) Shell, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, Devon, Chevron
Location Vancouver, Canada

Unconventional Resources: What do we know and what is the road ahead?

In recent years, with the increase in energy demand and the need for cleaner fuel, unconventional resources have regained their importance globally. Due to the complexity of these resources, production can be a challenge. An array of geophysical technologies and integration can help in exploration and production of these resources.

At this workshop we will comprehensively cover the subsurface technologies related to unconventional resources. Technologies will span from exploration, to reservoir characterization, to rock properties, to seismic and nonseismic surface and borehole surveillance methods (such as microseismic, surface deformation, gravity and electrical methods). Keynote speakers will address the global challenges related to these resources and production mechanisms to set the workshop framework.

Workshop Topics

  • heavy oils
  • tight reservoir gas shales and fractured shales
  • tight carbonate reservoirs
  • coalbed methane
  • gas hydrates
  • CO2 and other gas sequestration
  • geothermal energy
  • very deep plays
  • sill/intrusive reservoirs


Saudi Aramco

Organizing Committee

Ali Tura, Chairman
Abdulfattah Al-Dajani
Nader Dutta
Larry Myer
James Schuelke
Juan Soldo

Workshop Schedule and Official Program

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Unconventional Resources (SEG SRW 2008)
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