Unconventional Resources: The Role of Geophysics (SEG SRW 2013)

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SEG 2013 Summer Research Workshop
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Date 2-6 June 2013
Sponsor(s) CGG, Halliburton, ION GX, Total, UNGI
Location Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Unconventional Resources: The Role of Geophysics

The exploration of unconventional resources has reached a new era with a significantly increasing scale of production across continents in many countries. Effectively accessing, developing, and producing unconventional resources requires multidisciplinary efforts with novel technologies and a new way of thinking. Since the early stage in exploration of unconventional resources, geophysics has been playing a crucial role in play evaluation, reservoir characterization, drilling, completion and production. However, the effectiveness of the use of geophysical technologies varies and is still facing many challenges.

The objectives of this workshop were to:

  • Share the state of the art geophysical technologies in play evaluation, reservoir characterization, sweetspotting, drilling and completion, understanding and providing information for integrity of wellbore, reservoirs and seals, as well as practice in HSE.
  • Discuss a way forward to understand today and tomorrow's technologies as well as their full value and potential in maximizing subsurface information of multi-disciplines with multi-scales.
  • Probe common issues and solutions. An optional field trip on the Marcellus shale will be co-organized with the Penn State University to apprehend this workshop.

  • CGG
  • Halliburton
  • ION GX
  • Total
  • UNGI

Organizing Committee

  • Henri Houllevigue (Total), Chairman
  • Yongyi Li (Shell)
  • Azra Tutuncu (Colorado School of Mines)

Technical Program and Workshop Schedule

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Unconventional Resources: The Role of Geophysics (SEG SRW 2013)
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