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General Information

Tribhuvan University SEG Student Chapter was founded in the premises of Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, on August 15, 2018. Soon after the devastating 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, the Chapter came out as a platform for the students of Geosciences to convey knowledge and make people aware of earthquake hazards and risk mitigation. In 2020 the Chapter, with grants and help from SEG, organized an Outreach Program titled "Earthquake Preparedness through Awareness for School Children." Students studying Geology at the Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus are an integral part of this Student Chapter. We collaborate with faculty members and other organizations to make humanitarian contributions in geology, geophysics and geosciences.


President: Bhishma Joshi (MSc. Engineering Geology, 2nd Semester) ([email protected])

Vice-President: Rajesh Joshi (MSc. Engineering Geology, 1st Semester) ([email protected])

Secretary: Subash KC (MSc. Engineering Geology, 1st Semester) ([email protected])


Treasurer: Md Faisal Rain (BSc Geology, 3rd Year) ([email protected])

Executive Member: Amod Achraya (MSc. Engineering Geology, 2nd Semester) ([email protected])

Executive Member: Ram Dhakal (MSc. Engineering Geology, 1st Semester) ([email protected])

Executive Member: Till Kumari Thapa Pun (MSc. Engineering Geology, 1st Semester) ([email protected])

Executive Member: Kristina Rana (BSc Geology, 3rd Year) ([email protected])

Faculty Advisor: Deepak Chamlagain, PhD ([email protected])

Chapter Activities

Since the establishment, the Chapter has conducted fourteen Earthquake Awareness Programs as the initiative action, organized multiple informative webinars for the students of geosciences utilizing the time and resources amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and an Outreach Program entitled "Earthquake Preparedness through Awareness for School Children". The Chapter has recently been granted another Outreach Program Grant for the year 2021 entitled "Community Based Awareness and Preparedness Program for the Landslide Hazards”

  1. Earthquake Preparedness through Awareness for School Children

Tribhuvan University SEG Student Chapter had applied for an Outreach Grant and was granted a sum to carry out the program. In the initial months of 2020, Chapter started preparations of the Outreach Program. However, the Chapter's plans of starting the preparation of resource collections by late February to early March was disrupted. The global pandemic of Covid-19, declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), on 11th March, 2020 put a hold to almost everything. The government of Nepal also declared a nationwide lockdown from 24th March, 2020 which lasted up to 21st July, 2020. The lockdown stage prohibited domestic & international travels, border closure, prohibition of social gathering, closure of academic institutions and closure of less essential services.

Tribhuvan University SEG Student Chapter started conducting virtual programs through digital means where all prepared materials (presentations, models, posters, and photos) were demonstrated on different schools to enhance school children in achieving common vision and shared goals of SEG and the Chapter. First awareness program was conducted on Scholar’s Academy, Bhiman, Sindhuli, Nepal which directly benefited 46 students. Till date, Chapter has conducted 4 awareness program entitled as “Earthquake Preparedness Through Awareness For School Children” under the Outreach Program which has been successfully accomplished where more than 260 numbers of participants were benefited. Feedbacks and suggestions were taken into consideration after the program and concluded that all the prepared materials, presentation slides, demonstration of models in the form of videos, poster and photos presentation had played their role well for making participants aware. After receiving responses, Chapter concluded that the outreach program had been successful and the desired goal had been achieved.

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