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Launched in August 2014, The Knowledge Box is SEG’s newsletter written especially for students and early career professionals. The Student and Early Career Department shares important updates, including new product launches, and highlights the large variety of services and products within SEG. It features six unique sections to meet the specific needs of individual members.

  • Need reports on recent conferences and events
  • Tips and advice on professional development
  • Professional abstracts from some of SEG’s most brilliant young leaders
  • Pictures from exciting events
  • Highlights from Student Chapters

Find this and more in each edition of The Knowledge Box. To become a member of the mailing list, interested parties can do one of two things:

  1. At the bottom of any SEG mass email, click on “Manage Subscriptions,” and on the resulting screen, check The Knowledge Box.
  2. Visit SEG online and check The Knowledge Box and Subscribe.


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