Svein Vaage

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Svein Vaage
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MSc university University of Bergen, Norway

SEG Reginald Fessenden Award 2014 [1]

Claes Nicolai Borresen, Rune Tenghamn, and the late Svein Vaage are renowned for their roles in developing dual-sensor cable technology. They perfected the principles of dual-cable data acquisition in their roles as vice presidents and principal research geophysicists at Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS). They hold several patents dealing with the use of towed-pressure sensors and particle-motion sensors. Through their efforts, dual-sensor cable technology has been established as an important advance in marine seismic data acquisition.

Biography Citation for SEG Reginald Fessenden Award 2014

Contributed by Per Arild Reksnes

Innovation in the seismic industry is based on progress in sciences such as physics, mathematics, and information technology. However, the most crucial element is the generation of new technology ideas or ideas on how to use existing technology in new ways. Some people can combine theoretical knowledge with practical insight that enables step changes in an industry. Svein Vaage was such a person. When he died in 2008 — far too early — he left behind many important contributions to the seismic industry.

Svein completed his education at the Seismological Observatory at the University of Bergen in 1978 with an M.Sc. in solid-earth physics. The first years of his work were in research at the University of Bergen related to earthquakes, and his first scientific papers covered that topic. He continued his research career until 1984 in Trondheim for the Foundation for Industrial and Technical Research (SINTEF), connected with the Norwegian Institute for Technology (then NTH, now NTNU), where he entered the realm of seismic for petroleum exploration.


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