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Steven Tobias
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Steven Tobias holds degrees in geology and geophysics and has had a long career in both New Ventures and Near Field Exploration. He started with Mobil, and later worked with Tenneco in Colombia and BHP Petroleum in Australia. He was Pogo Producing’s first international exploration manager during the time that they drilled in the highly prolific Gulf of Thailand. Steve led an international consulting group for seven years, and then co-founded South Bay Resources in 2003. It was extremely successful in exploration onshore Texas and Alberta, until it wasn’t. Steve then joined Hess where he served in various roles, including Manager of Exploration Excellence and Denmark Exploration Manager for three years. Steve specializes in the applications of new technologies geared toward Relative Geological Time or RGT mapping (Particularly Paleoscan and Horizon Cube), calibrated by advanced structural geology modelling and restoration tools such as StructureSolver. Areas currently worked included GOM sub-salt, South Asia, the East Mediterranean, and Canada. He has been a member of the SEG for 35+ years

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