Sociedad Geofísica de la Universidad Simón Bolívar

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Sociedad Geofísica de la Universidad Simón Bolívar
University Simon Bolivar University
Faculty Advisor Dr. Milagrosa Aldana
Country Venezuela
Status Active
Ranking Summit level

Sociedad Geofísica de la Universidad Simón Bolívar (Society of Exploration Geophysicists Student chapter Simon Bolivar University) is an active Student Chapter, created before 1993 and located in Caracas, Venezuela. The chapter provides students the opportunity to develop and improve their geophysical skills by different activities, and promoting all the benefits to be a member of the SEG

General information

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists is a not-for-profit organization supporting 27,000 members from 128 countries. It was founded in 1930 and provides information, tools and resources vital to advancing the science of exploration geophysics, fostering common scientific interests, supporting humanitarian efforts, accelerating geophysical innovation and much more. It fulfills its mission through its publications, conferences, forums, Web sites, and educational opportunities.

Student Chapter

Society of Exploration Geophysicists Student chapter Simon Bolivar University is a student chapter of the SEG, whose main mission is to make known to the students the different benefits that the SEG offers to improve their geophysical skills. Provides lectures, courses, and activities that can help the development of students in the field of Geosciences.

Events in 2020

SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium (SLS)

This event was held virtually due to COVID-19 from October 10-11, 2020. who participated in this event was Alessandro Traversa, one member of the student chapter. The results and achievements related to this event are reflected in Alessandro and the chapter, the knowledge gained in this symposium help us to better manage our projects, the decisions when choosing one, always thinking about safety, health and the benefit that this can give us.

SEG Annual Meeting

This event was held virtually due to COVID-19 from October 11-15, 2020. who participated was Alessandro Traversa. The results and achievements are in his knowledge about different areas of geophysics, and it was a good experience, as here he was attracted by the search for mines and planetary geophysics.

Excursion to Puerto Francés (Higuerote, Miranda State)

Directed to 22 students of the Universidad Simón Bolívar, of the Geophysics Engineering career, which at that time were studying 2 different subjects: 11 students of the Venezuelan Geology course and 12 students studying Mineralogy and Petrology. We were accompanied by 3 professors, 2 from the Department of Earth Sciences and 1 from Biology. The objective of this field trip was to learn about, identify and observe the different characteristics of a fault zone, specifically its mineralogy.It took place on February 9, 2020.

Isla Larga Excursion (Carabobo State)

Outing on March 7, 2020, round trip, guided by 2 professors from the Department of Earth Sciences. With a total of 21 participants, 17 students and 4 people in charge of the logistics of the outing. The objective of this field trip was to study the sedimentation and stratigraphy of the area, with experts in the field.

Masaguaral (Edo. Guarico)

Carried out on March 6, 7 and 8, 2020, directed to students of Biology and Geophysics Engineering. They were guided by 2 professors from the Department of Earth Sciences and 2 from Biology, also with 9 geophysics students, 7 from Biology and 3 for logistics, giving a total of 21 people involved. The objective of this outing was to study the geology of the area.

Events in 2019

SEG Annual Meeting 2019: Summit Award and Most Improved Chapter

Society of Exploration Geophysicists Student chapter from Simon Bolivar University received the Summit Award as Student Chapter of SEG at the SEG Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX, 2019. Having received the recognition to be in the Top 10 of Student Chapters, it also was awarded with the 2019 Most Improved Chapter Award, during the Honors&Awards event carried out on September 17th.

Participation in the I Geophysical Meeting in Caracas - Venezuela

The event was organized by SOVG (Venezuela Society of Geophysicist) and was carried out on September 21st, 2019.

SEG Volunteering

Students Arianna Castrechini (2017, 2019) and Carianna Herrera (2019) volunteered translating Robert Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary into Spanish.

Events in 2018

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-25 at 09.37.49.jpg

Outreach Grant Awarded: Geological excursion to Isla Larga

Finished. Two editions with limited number of people: March 24th and December 14th.

The project promoted the geosciences to the Geophysical Engineering students of the Simon Bolivar University, in order to strengthen the knowledge acquired in classes through two excursions to Isla Larga, Venezuela. The realization of this project benefitted not only the members of the SEG Student Chapter, but also all Geophysical Engineering students and Earth Sciences Master candidates of the Simon Bolivar University interested in learning concepts about geology, stratigraphy, sedimentation, among other topics related to geosciences. Furthermore, it will help to promote the benefits of being a member of the SEG through outreach initiatives such as this, which have not been carried out before.

2018 SEG EVOLVE Program

1805 VenCoilCorporationTEAM.png

Studen Chapter members: José Del Castillo (SEG Student Chapter vice-President 2018), Christian Merino, Arianna Castrechini (SEG Student Chapter President 2018), Carianna Herrera (current officer and SEG Student Chapter Coordinator event 2018), Mizael Bravo and Sofia Mantilla (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) with Adrián Randón as faculty professor, were chosen to participate at this program. This program offers students direct experience in conducting multi-discipline subsurface integration projects using actual seismic, microseismic, wireline, core, production and other types of data. Project management, teamwork skills and business values are honed within the context of exploration, reservoir appraisal, field development planning and production enhancement scenarios.

Events in 2017

Outreach Grant Awarded

The SEG Student Chapter Outreach Grant supports student activities done in collaboration with a SEG Student Chapter Faculty Advisor where this activity assists Student Chapters in promoting geoscience initiatives, encouraging people to pursue a career in the geosciences, engaging other SEG Student Chapters, or strengthening the Chapter-industry relationship.

SEG/Exxon Mobil Student Education Program

Student Chapter member Carianna Herrera (and currently an officer) participated at this SEP program in 2017.

Presentation of "Introduction to SEG" at the III Workshop "Geophysical Day"

Student chapter officer members (Carianna Herrera, José Tomás Del Castillo and Katy Lin) gave a presentation of "Introduction to SEG" at the III Workshop "Geophysical Day" (Seminario: III Un día Geofísico) at Simon Bolivar University.

Events in 2016


2016 Latin America Honorary Lecture was delivered by M.Sc. Pedro Álvarez who is the team lead/Sr. Q1 Geoscientist for Rock Solid Images. His lecture titled was Rock-property estimation from seismic and CSEM attributes using a rock-physics framework.

Events in 2013

Houston Annual Meeting 2013: Summit Award

Society of Exploration Geophysicists Student chapter Simon Bolivar University received the Summit Award as Student Chapter of SEG at the Houston Annual Meeting 2013.

Faculty Advisor

Office Bearers

Contact information

Position Name Email Phone
President Alessandro Traversa [email protected] +584140400520
Vice-president Dougleimis Torres [email protected] +584127144190
Secretary Katiuska Santana [email protected] +584125588380
Treasurer Renato Quintero [email protected] + +584120592004
Deputy Marketing Angelys Moreno [email protected] +584122027889