Shankar Mitra

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Shankar Mitra
PhD Structural Geology
PhD university Johns Hopkins University

Shankar Mitra holds the Monnett Chair and Professorship of Energy Resources at the University of Oklahoma. He has more than 40 years of industry and academic experience in the application of structural geology to petroleum exploration and production. He received his PhD degree in Structural Geology from Johns Hopkins University in 1977. He spent 19 years at ARCO Research and Exploration as Senior and Principal Research Geologist, Director of Structural Geology, Manager of Geological Research, Exploration Director (Europe), and Senior Exploration Research Advisor. His primary interests are in the development of structural concepts and methods and their application to exploration and production problems. He was an Associate Editor of the AAPG Bulletin for 9 years. He is a two-time recipient of AAPG’s Wallace Pratt Best Paper award and the Cam Sproule Best Paper award.

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