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General information

Established in 2019, Shandong University Geophysical Society has been active on the SEG platform as an emerging SEG student chapter member around the world, sharing geophysical events with Geophysics enthusiasts . Our chapter is developed on the foundation of the Laboratory of Earth Electromagnetic Exploration, Shandong University, and operates with the support of Geotechnical and structural engineering research center and School of Civil Engendering in Shandong University. Now, there are over thirty members in this chapter. Every year we carry out a series of SEG related activities, such as outstanding speeches and honorary speeches, and some academic reports. We also invite several honorary lecturers and famous scholars from SEG to come to our chapter for lectures and academic activities. We are committed to helping students broaden their horizons in geophysical exploration, fund students with outstanding ability to participate in SEG meetings and workshops, and provide opportunities to meet outstanding geophysicists. We welcome like-minded geophysics enthusiasts and geophysicists to communicate with us. For more information, contact the president or faculty advisors below.


Student Chapter Activity


  • 2019.2.24 ♦ Changchun Yin (Jilin University): Research Status of Aviation Electromagnetic 3D Inversion

  • 2019.4.9 ♦ Jingtian Tang (Central South University): Space-time array electromagnetic method and experimental research

  • 2019.5.6 ♦ Xushan Lu(Memorial University of Newfoundland, MUN): Finite-volume Time-domain Electromagnetic Modeling of Graphitic Faults Using Unstructured Grids
  • 2019.6.27 ♦ Dr. Denys Grombacher Ahuas U : Emerging geophysical technologies for groundwater characterization – a sneak peak at recently developed transient electromagnetic and nuclear magnetic resonance systems.

  • 2019.7.28 ♦ Koya Suto(2017 SEG Honorary Lecturer ): A Hitchhiker's Guide to Geophysics.

Social Practice

  • SDU SEG Student Chapter field trip to Mufu Mountain, Nanjing

A geophysics field trip to Mufu Mountain at Nanjing, China, was held this summer vacation, with the help and support from Prof. Huaifeng Sun and Prof. Yang Yang from Shandong University (SDU). The two professors are belongs to Laboratory of Earth Electromagnetic Exploration, Shandong University and are helping to guide professional activities of SEG Student Chapter at Shandong University.

This field trip last for almost a month, and 15 undergraduates who were divided into three groups participated in this activity. Except undergraduates,there are 5 postgraduates working as students of two professors and teachers of undergraduates at the same time.

Under the help of professors and postgraduates, every participant learns how cross borehole methods such as seismic tomography technique and electrical resistivity tomography technique work. Except the field work, everyone among the participants also did some data inversion to more profoundly experience the procedure of cross borehole tomography.

After participating in this activity, every student does benefit from it a lot. Practice is the best in learning geophysics, and this activity makes it possible for undergraduates to learn from field work, and then apply it to practice. This field trip is of great significance, not only for students who take part in this activity but also for SDU SEG Student Chapter, Moreover, this field trip is an experiment for a new way of teaching in applied geophysics.

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