Seismic multiples: Are they signal or noise?

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2014 SEG Multiples Workshop
2014 SEG Multiples Workshop
Date 1-3 December 2014

The Regency

Kuwait City, Kuwait

This forum brought together experts from the oil/gas industry and academic organizations to discuss the processing of multiples in seismic data.


Despite recent advancements, both in the prediction of multiples as noise and in their imaging as signal, the processing of multiples in seismic data remains a major challenge for the industry.

The main goals for this workshop were to gain understanding of new concepts, to assess their effectiveness against the challenges faced in industrial applications, and to chart ways for their future developments.

The workshop focused on emerging technologies, particularly those relevant to Middle Eastern hydrocarbon oilfields, and covered a broad range of the topics, as listed below, calling for research as well as case study papers, with data examples from marine as well as onshore surveys.

This workshop followed on some of the themes discussed at the joint SEG/EAGE forum in the fall of 2013, "Turning noise into geologic information: The next big step?" The main differences with the previous workshop are the restriction of the scope to multiples, and the emphasis on applications to field data for current and for emerging technologies.

Technical topics

  • Research on multiples as noise
  • Case Studies - Middle East
  • Research on multiples as signal
  • Case Studies – Worldwide
  • Integration & evaluation
  • The road ahead

Organizing Committee


Ahmad Eidan, KOC
Mohammed Al Ajmi, KOC


Adel El-Emam, KOC
Riyadh S. Al-Saad, Saudi Aramco
Maurice Nessim, Schlumberger
Clement Kostov, Schlumberger
Mohamed Hadidi, ADCO
Matthieu Retailleau, CGG
Jim Shorter, PDO
Jarrah Al-Jenaie KOC


Kuwait Oil Company
Saudi Aramco
Petroleum Development Oman

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