Samuel Bickel

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Samuel Bickel
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Biography 1990 [1]

Samuel H. Bickel Received his Ph.D. in electromagnetic wave theory from the University of California in 1963. From 1964 until 1979 he developed radar and digital system concepts for the MITRE Corp. and for Texas Instruments. He joined Atlantic Richfield's Geophysical Research Dept. in 1979 and currently holds the position of research advisor. His special interests include wave propagation and computer simpulation of all phases of exploration geophysics. Dr. Bickel is an Active member of the SEG and has published more than 20 papers related to signal processing and the mathematical analysis of propagating energy. He holds 4 U.S. Patents.

Honorable Mention (Geophysics) 1990

S. H. Bickel received 1990 Honorable Mention (Geophysics) for his paper Velocity-depth ambiguity of reflection traveltimes. [2]


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