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SEG Wavelets
Wavelets SEG Lecture.jpg
University University of Houston
Faculty Advisor Dr. Robert Stewart/Dr. John Castagna
Country USA
Status Active
Ranking Summit level
“We’re in a wonderful geo-community 
with a huge range of scientific and economic impacts,
and the relationships you start building now 
will serve you well throughout your careers"
-Dr. Robert Stewart,Wavelets Advisor.

About Us

SEG Wavelets is the University of Houston's SEG student chapter. It's devoted to promoting education in geophysics. We work with professional organizations, industry professionals, University of Houston faculty, and other student organizations to bring those students educational, social, and possible future employment opportunities.

Our organization is growing every year. This year we have taken another step forward by launching our website ( This is just a springboard, however. It is because of this website, that we are able to provide you all the information that can be found here. We hope you find the site enjoyable and easy to navigate.

SEG Wavelets has won the summit level student from the SEG and we will continue working hard to serve the students and our geophysical society. We will bring you up to date information about our affiliated organizations, sponsors, events, and geophysical publications. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us (segwavelets‐at‐

2015-2016 Officers

  • President: Elita de Abreu
  • Vice President: Andrea Paris
  • Treasurer: Zohreh Souri
  • Secretary: Sharif Morshed
  • Alumni Chair: Zuralmy Camacho
  • Event Chair: David Mora
  • Public Relations: Veronia Guzman

2014-2015 Officers

  • President: Oyintari Aboro
  • Vice President: Azie Sophia Aziz
  • Treasurer: Yanet Cuddus
  • Secretary: Elita de Abreu
  • Alumni Chair: Zohreh Souri
  • Event Chair: Vaughn Robla
  • Public Relations: Luan Nguyen

Featured programs

SEG Wavelets TED Talk 2015

Speakers and guests after the event

Inspired by how TED Talk had wowed many crowds around the globe, SEG Wavelets’ leadership team organized their own Ted-style talk to jump start the Fall semester activity on 29th Friday at SEC104. The talk featured the department faculty members including Dr. Edip Baysal, Dr. John Castagna and Dr. Paul Mann.

Dr. Baysal shared his learning about how some specific processing technique, like the deghosting, can lead into a broadband seismic data, extending the low frequency content from 4 Hz to 2 Hz ( an octave) as well the high frequency part of the data. He underscored the importance of the removal of the reverberation of energy in the marine seismic processing to improve the frequency band of the seismic data. Dr. Castagna opened his talk with a catchy line “Do not have much reverence for the gods”. Then he talked about the relationship between S-transform and Fourier transform spectra. He suggested students do not just accept any statement without trying to prove it. Dr. Paul Mann had a different approach in the content of his talk. He deliberately brought up a non-technical topic which resonated in every single audience. His talk received a lot of feedback as he was talking about how the department is ranked compared to other universities in the US. In addition, he gave beneficial advice on how students can stand out in this competitive and crowded department.

The event received a positive response from the faculty members and students by the number of attendance, which was over 40 people, despite of the horrendous weather. This was the first of many events that SEG Wavelets is promoting at the University of Houston and we hope that it had become a culture when the next leadership takes over.

The next event which is called as “Pop-Up Talk” will feature students as speakers where each is given 5 minutes to showcase his or her stories. The event will be on Nov 21st from 2pm-3pm at Agnes Arnold Hall Room 104.

- Azie Aziz on behalf of SEG Wavelets

SEG Wavelets Meet and Greet: the Tradition that Continues

Student are enjoying each other company

Following the success of the Spring Meet and Greet, SEG wavelets leadership team organized a gathering at the beginning of the fall semester on the 2nd of September 2014 at Agnes Hall 104. Meet and Greet is an avenue where graduate students can exchange ideas about their research and also for new students to get acquainted with other students in a casual setting. More than 30 students including Geosociety and AAPG Wildcatters leadership as well as faculty enjoyed food and beverages on a relaxing Friday afternoon.

SEG Wavelets President Oyintari Aboro greeted the crowd and commented that, “student participation, at all levels, is encouraged because not only is it an exercise in networking skills but will prepare students for the real world. This is a culture we should make a tradition in our department.”

The crowd really enjoyed the gathering as it provides an opportunity to network and build relationship within the geoscience community. SEG Wavelets leadership team hopes this tradition continues and receives more support from the department and the students

Student Pop-Up Talk 2015

Speakers and guests after the event

SEG Wavelets and AAPG Wildcatters, once again, pushed the envelope on traditional activities. They jointly organized an event where students spoke freely about their life experience as a student in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Elita de Abreu opened the talk by welcoming the guests. She introduced the first three speakers, including including the invited speake Wanderson Ferreirar. Wanderson Ferreira, a current exchange student from the University of Sao Paulo – Brazil, shared with the audience the difference between studying at his university in Brazil and at the University of Houston. He was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the world renowned professors at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Joan Marie Blanco brought an interesting view on how she thought life was as simple as getting from point A to B. However, her idealistic perspective was changed when she faced detours, challenges and closed doors on her journey from A to B.

For the second block of talks, Zohreh Souri continued the momentum of the diversity topic by revealing her painful experience of difficulty in getting an interview at a student recruiting event because of her descent. She was born in the USA but her parents came from Iran. Alex Cheney broke the diversity topic with his story of how he changed his career as a pilot/instructor after 8 years to become a geology student. He came to the realization that a career in aviation is no longer a very lucrative one so he chose to make a career change to become a geologist. He ended his talk asking us to do something that makes us happy because life is short. Li Chang was the last speaker and he shared his personal experience in Haiti, where he did some seismic surveys after the damage caused by an earthquake of more than 7 points in order to understand the origin of the earthquake. He showed the video of how the locals were helping University of Houston students recording seismic activities.

The event received a positive response from the faculty members and students, evidenced by the number of attendance. This was the first of many events that SEG Wavelets is promoting at the University of Houston and they hope that it becomes tradition and part of the Wavelets’ a culture when the next leadership takes over.

By Azie Aziz on behalf of SEG Wavelets and AAPG Wildcatters.

SEG Honorary North America Lecture Comes to University of Houston

Oyintari presented Dr. Abubakar with a souvenir from SEG Wavelets.

Every year, through the North America Honorary Lecture, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) brings one of the brightest and the best geoscientists to speak at 19 locations. This prestigious lecture tour is a companion event to the SEG Distinguished Lecture Program.

This year’s talk features Dr. Aria Abubakar who leads Schlumberger’s Wireline and Logging-While-Drilling Product Development for electromagnetic, nuclear, and resistivity measurements and their joint inversion and interpretation. More than 60 people attended the event including faculty members, students and industry professionals. It was another successful event organized by SEG Wavelets.

SEG Honorary North America Lecture Oyintari presented Dr. Abubakar with a souvenir from SEG Wavelets.The title of Dr. Abubakar’s talk was “Joint Inversion of Multi-Physics Data for Petrophysical and Engineering Properties.” In it, he reviewed the upcoming joint inversion algorithms and workflows for integrating EM, seismic and production data through the analysis of advantages, disadvantages of each method.

Dr. Abubakar holds a Ph.D. (cum laude) in technical sciences from Delft University and was a researcher at Schlumberger-Doll Research Center, where he developed advanced modeling and inversion of electromagnetic and seismic waves. He also worked on algorithms and workflows for joint inversion of multi-physics data for both reservoir and wellbore-scale measurements.

He is currently an associate editor of the GEOPHYSICS Journal. During his career, he has published one book, four book chapters, more than 75 scientific articles in refereed journals, 150 conference proceedings papers, and 50 conference abstracts. In addition, he holds four U.S. patents, has five U.S. patent applications under review, and has presented at more than 200 invited and contributed talks at international conferences, institutes and universities.

SEG Honorary North America Lecture Guests were glued to the presentation.The event started with a spread of refreshments served outside the lecture room providing an opportunity for the guests to mingle. Oyintari Aboro, SEG Wavelets president, opened the event with welcoming remarks. He expressed his thanks to all for the excellent turnout and reminded guests of the opportunity for industry sponsorship of SEG Wavelet events. Azie Aziz, SEG Wavelets vice president, introduced the speaker.

Dr. Abubakar encouraged the audience to ask questions in each segment of his talk which was very interesting and interactive.

At the close of the lecture, Oyintari took the stage again to present Dr. Abubakar with a token of appreciation from the SEG Wavelets. The event concluded with a lunch buffet in the SR1 Second Floor Common Area.

- Azie Aziz on behalf of SEG Wavelets

Our Sponsors

The SEG Wavelets student organization is supported through the generous donations of the companies and individuals listed below. If you or your company would like to be a sponsor and help us achieve our goals, please contact us by email ([email protected]).

  • BP
  • Lumina Geophysical
  • GSH
  • Hess Corporation

Contact Us


SEG Wavelets University of Houston Geology Department 312 Science & Research, Building 1 Houston TX 77204 Mailbox # 5007

Email: [email protected]‐at‐

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