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About Us

SEG student chapters empower students to participate and spearhead projects that will address issues, challenges, and opportunities related to the SEG's mission of promoting the science of geophysics. Our student chapter was awarded the Summit Level by SEG and was deeply humbled to later be awarded the Best Student Chapter at the 2019 SEG Annual Meeting. We currently have approximately 50 students (from both geology and geophysics) within the School of Geosciences who are actively engaged in our SEG student chapter with active participation in most of our events. Our chapter is committed to helping our students while carrying this momentum into the coming semester.

Current Officers

Current Student Officers:

Current Chapter Advisors:

Previous Officers

  • 2019-2020: President - Julian Chenin, Vice President - Karelia La Marca, Treasurer - Abidin Caf, Secretary - Roberto Clairmont, Special events coordinator: Clayton Silver, Social Media - Marta Anson
  • 2018 - 2019: President - David Lubo-Robles, Vice President - Cyril Frazier, Treasurer - Tanner Shadoan, Secretary - Christina Hamilton, Social Media - Dalila de Jesus

Student Chapter Goals

Our aim is to foster both personal and professional development for the geology and geophysics students at the University of Oklahoma via :

  1. Hosting student mixers and social events.
  2. Networking events between students and professionals.
  3. Having Lunch and learn courses taught by faculty, visiting professors and industry professionals.
  4. Offering short courses from software companies, industry professionals or professors.
  5. Creating field trips to see real-life application of geophysical techniques.
  6. Participating in outreach events geared to the minds of tomorrow to show them the wonder of entering the field of geophysics and geology.
  7. Fostering the exchange of knowledge and experience with other student chapters, locally and globally.

Honors and Awards

Right: Some of our SEG officer and members with our co-faculty advisor, Dr. Heather Bedle, at the SEG-2019 Annual Meeting. Left: Julian Chenin, Karelia La Marca with Dr. Heather Bedle at the SEG International Challenge Bowl Finals where our team placed 5th. Bottom: Our excited SEG members humbled by the SEG Best Student Chapter Award at the SEG-2019 Annual Meeting.

A list of the the awards and honors received since 2019:

  • Summit level (2020)
  • Best SEG Student Chapter (2019)
  • Summit level (2019)
  • SEG Evolve: Best Gulf of Mexico Prospect, Best Prospect Summary Slide, Most Engaged Professor (2019)

Major Events

We have hosted a variety of different networking, outreach and professional development workshops for our geoscience student body:

  1. Soft Skills Workshop: How to Win the Interview Game
  2. 89th SEG Annual Convention
  3. SEG Evolve
  4. Top Golf Networking Social
  5. SEG Week
  6. OU Challenge Bowl

2020 SEG 90th annual conference- first virtual conference

The University of Oklahoma was very thankful to have the opportunity to actively participate during the SEG-2020 Annual Meeting. Despite the unprecedented shift from in-person to completely virtual presentations, the OU SEG student chapter was proud to have nine graduate students and one undergraduate student be accepted to present their research to industry and academic experts. Our student members delivered three poster and five oral presentations throughout the conference. Some of them are named below:

●       David Lubo-Robles (PhD Geophysics): “Machine learning model interpretability using SHAP values: Application to a seismic facies classification task” (oral presentation)

●       Laura Ortiz-Sanguino (MSc Geophysics): “Application of unsupervised machine learning techniques in sequence stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology: A case study in the Cenozoic deep-water deposits in Northern Carnarvon Basin, Australia (oral presentation)

●       Jie Qi (PhD Geophysics): “Comparing convolutional neural networking and image processing seismic fault detection methods” (oral presentation)

●       Bin Lyu (PhD Geophysics): “Multispectral aberrancy” (oral presentation)

●       Clayton Silver (MSc Geophysics): “Applications of machine learning techniques on angle stacks to enhance carbonate reservoir characterization” (oral presentation)

●       Christ Ramos (Senior Geology): “Quantifying methods for analyzing submarine slope-gullies in the North Carnarvon Basin, offshore NW Australia” (poster presentation)

●       Edimar Perico (MSc Geophysics): Seismic interpretation of structural features in the Kokako 3D seismic area, Taranaki Basin New Zealand” (poster presentation)

●       Jose Pedro Mora Ortiz (MSc Geophysics): “Constructing fault-surface objects from fault-sensitive attributes” (poster presentation)

●       Rui Zhai (PhD Geology): 3D seismic geomorphology of the abandoned channel for insight into a more complete fluvial reservoir characterization” (poster presentation)

●       Our current President, Clayton Silver, was a team lead on the OU EVOLVE team, which placed third overall for best prospect.

●       We also had our OU team of 20 students participate in the 2020 EVOLVE program where we placed third in overall best prospect.


The University of Oklahoma’s 2020 EVOLVE team ready to find the next petroleum prospect offshore New Zealand. They are planning to present their prospect at the SEG-2020 Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas.

We had an OU team participate in 2020, and we plan on having a new team participating this following year. This is a great academic and professional enrichment program for students offered by SEG and we hope to continue participating in the future. This was the largest EVOLVE team fielded by OU, with a team of 20 students enrolled in the program. The team leaders are pictured below

The University of Oklahoma’s 2019 EVOLVE team presenting their Goliath prospect within the Vermillion Block, offshore Gulf of Mexico at the SEG-2019 Annual Meeting (pictured from left to right: Ryan Forrest, Jordan Renner, Alex Vera, Julian Chenin and Francis Oyebanji).

2020 Team:

  • Dr. Heather Bedle (Assistant Professor): Team Advisor
  • Hope Williams (MS Geophysics student): CEO and Financial Advisor
  • Clayton Silver (MSc Geophysics student): Geologist (Lead)
  • Edimar Perico (MSc Geophysics student): Geophysicist (Lead)
  • Dallas Cook (MSc Geology student): Geologist
  • Hannah Morgan (MSc Geology student): Petrophysicist
  • David Lubo-Robles (PhD Geophysics student): Geophysicist

2019 Team:

  • Dr. Heather Bedle (Assistant Professor): Team Advisor
  • Jordan Renner (MS Geology student): CEO and Financial Advisor
  • Julian Chenin (MSc Geophysics student): Geophysicist
  • Ryan Forrest (MSc Geology student): Geologist
  • Francis Oyebanji (MSc Geophysics student): Petrophysicist
  • Alexandro Arroyo Vera (MSc Geophysics student): Rock Physicist

TopGolf Networking Social

Our AAPG and SEG student members and faculty pictured with our generous sponsors during our TopGolf social. This successful networking event had a great turnout where many students found mentors.

Last year the AAPG and SEG student chapters at OU pioneered the first TopGolf networking event. This year, we built upon that foundation with over 15 students (both graduate and undergraduate) and 5 different companies in attendance. The companies who helped generously sponsor and attend this event were Continental Resources, Williams Oil Company, Citation Oil and Gas, Schlumberger and Hood River Resources. The generous donations from our sponsors allowed our OU AAPG and SEG sutdent chapters facilitate going on field trips, trips to conferences, and bringing in professionals from out of state to give technical presentations and short courses to students. The students, both graduate students and undergrads, and the professionals got to network in a relaxed, informal environment where everyone had a great time. The students were thankful for all the professionals who took time out of the busy schedules to mentor them.


Right: Our SEG student officers and members thanking SEG Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Heloise Lynn, for her great talk during our SEG Week. Clayton Silver created these T shirts for us to help fundraise this great week of events. Left: Our SEG student officers and Dr. Heather Bedle pictured with Dr. Henry Posamentier.Bottom: Our SEG student officers and members pictured with Satinder Chopra after his talk during SEG Week. These series of talks were very beneficial for our students and we hope to continue hosting this week in the future.

From November 18th through November 20th, 2019, our OU SEG student chapter pioneered and hosted an entire week which exposed our students to what geophysics is and showed them the great opportunities within the field. During this week, we hosted geoscience giants such as Dr. Henry Posamentier, Mr. Satinder Chopra as well as SEG Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Heloise Lynn.

  • Dr. Heloise Lynn (SEG Distinguished Lecturer) (November 18, 2019): “Azimuthal P-P seismic measurements: past, present and future”
  • Dr. Henry Posamentier (November 19, 2019): “Applications of seismic stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology to process sedimentology”
  • Satinder Chopra (November 20, 2019): “Effective reservoir characterization in shale resources plays: addressing some challenges and proposing new solutions”

Additionally, students had the opportunity to sit down with our speakers and gain valuable knowledge from them. The students, faculty and staff were able to meet and have dinner with our speakers. We hosted a live broadcast of these talks for other universities across Latin America. We provided the universities from Venezuela (Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad Central and Universidad Simón Bolívar) and Colombia (Universidad Industrial de Santander and Universidad Nacional Abierta) with a link where they were able to listen to these live talks while also interacting with the speakers and our SEG student members. Karelia La Marca translated the talks’ information in two different languages so that we were able to strengthen the relationship between our student chapters. This week is still remembered among our students and we remain hopeful that this technical week will continue to be held in the future.

OU Challenge Bowl

One of our excited OU Challenge Bowl Teams ready to compete and win the top prize while our department is ready to cheer them on in the background.

We had a total of 7 teams participate while our department cheered the teams on in the background. We created several earth science questions around a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” format. It was a lot of fun and many of our students want to continue doing the event. We may begin offering a monthly trivia social. These top three teams would then participate in the Mid-Con Regional Challenge Bowl that we planned to host at the University of Oklahoma’s Spring Break Student Expo alongside Dr. Peter Duncan. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we had to cancel the regional competition in the interest of safety for our students and have postponed it to a later date.

Short Courses

This year, our student chapter was able to offer three different short courses to help strengthen our student members professional skills.

Petrel Workflows: Well Ties, Rock Physics and Inversion Workflow

OU SEG student member, Berk Caf, leading our Petrel rock physics and quantitative interpretation for our SEG student members. This event was hosted in the University of Oklahoma’s computer lab.

This course was taught by our very own SEG officer, Berk Caf, who shared his industry experience from his time at Turkish Petroleum. We had over 25 students in attendance throughout the course where we taught them how to do basic well ties, conduct rock physics modeling as well as the workflow for creating and quantitatively interpret post-stack seismic inversion. We also provided students with all of the data and a detailed, step-by-step manual so that they can repeat the course in their free time and use it in their future academic and professional endeavors.

Petrel Advanced Workflows Course

This course was taught by John Wagle from Schlumberger where he covered the following topics: Velocity Analysis, Shale Modeling, Fracture Modeling and Advanced Workflows Editor in Petrel. We had over 15 students in attendance and held a social after the course for students to learn more from our instructor’s professional career within Schlumberger. Mr. Wagle also shared some great advice on how to ace our next interviews and some tricks in Petrel.

ML and Geoscience: Recent Advances

This course was taught by Mrs. Sacrey online through Zoom. She will be showing our students various case studies using machine learning within the energy industry while giving students practical, hands-on machine learning experience with seismic data using a software called Paradise.

Lunch and Learns

"How to Win the Interview Game"

Our faculty advisor, Dr. John Pigott, gave students tips on August 27th, 2019, on how to be successful during the interviews that we may have gotten during the recruiting season which ran from August through September during the fall semester. This event was very helpful to our students as many of them were able to successfully land internships.

"How to Quantify the Effects of Multiple Suppression"

Our SEG student officers and members listening to Dr. Fred Hilterman share insights on how to recognize multiples within seismic data while also sharing his experience within industry.

We hosted Dr. Hilterman on campus on February 25th, 2020 to lecture about new techniques for suppressing multiples within seismic data while we provided food. He also met with many of students to learn about their ongoing research projects and we also cordially invited him to have dinner with our students and faculty. This was a great networking opportunity for our students as they were able to learn from Dr. Hilterman’s academic and professional experience while also learning more about geophysics

"It All Comes from the Ground: Opportunities for Subsurface Geoscientists in Geothermal, Critical Minerals, and Carbon Capture as the Energy Transition Unfolds"

On April 15th, 2020, our student chapter will be offering a lecture from Dr. Edith Wilson (AAPG President of Energy Minerials Division) online using Zoom. This event will be co-hosted with our AAPG student chapter to teach students about sustainable development and the earth sciences by hosting Dr. Wilson to lecture on the opportunities for geoscientists in geothermal, minerals, and CCUS. Dr. Wilson will be conference calling with her other colleagues around the globe to share their experiences and perspectives throughout her lecture.

"Automating Seismic Data Analysis and Interpretation"

Our student chapter is planning to participate in SEG’s virtual lecture by Distinguished Lecturer Sergey Fomel on May 12th, 2020. We are looking forward to hearing more about recent advanced in machine learning and how they can be applied to automatic picking. This is a great opportunity for our students as they will gain more knowledge about machine learning, the significant foothold it is gaining in our industry, and how they can apply it to their current projects.

Student Mixers and Social Events

Last year, our student chapter hosted an off campus movie night for students where we showed Deep Water Horizon and provided popcorn and sodas. Also, from previous years, the AAPG and SEG chapters continue to host an after colloquium social on Thursdays at a nearby restaurant. In addition to our TopGolf Networking Social, we also increased our engagement with our local professional societies such as the Geophysical Society of Oklahoma (GSOC).

Our SEG student members, industry professionals and Executive Board of the GSOC pictured with Dr. Carrie Laudon at the GSOC talk on January 27th, 2020 in Oklahoma City. This was a great networking and professional development opportunity for our members.

Our OU SEG student members attended one of the GSOC technical luncheons on October 21st, 2019 where guest lecturer, Chick Diggins from Down Under Geosolutions (DUG) delivered a lecture titled the “Seismic Acquisition and Processing in the SCOOP Play, OK”. For some of our student members who were still on-campus during the holidays, they also attended the GSOC’s annual Holiday Party on December 16th, 2019. This was a more festive and relaxing social where our students were able to have fun during the holidays with other geoscientists in Oklahoma City. This was also a great opportunity for our two students in attendance to learn more and become more involved with a professional geoscience society like the GSOC.

Our chapter was also active on campus during many of the University of Oklahoma's semesterly welcome back and fundraising events. We co-hosted a table with our AAPG student chapter and helped students learn more about the great events and opportunities our student organizations offer but also the importance of joining professional societies. This was a great chance for us to recruit more student and faculty members while also reconnecting with our alumni.

Our AAPG and SEG student chapters welcoming our students back outside of our department building at the MCEE Welcome Back Picnic (pictured from left to right: David Lubo-Robles, Karelia La Marca, Julian Chenin, Clayton Silver, Berk Caf, Hannah Morgan (AAPG)).


Science Outreach at Norman High School

This event was co-hosted with Pick & Hammer Club and with the OU Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) student chapters on November 9th, 2019. The OU SEG student chapter spoke during an AP Environmental Science class at Norman High (local high school) about the importance of geology and geophysics as well as the great opportunities in those fields. Our SEG student chapter as well as the OU SPE and P&H Club exposed students to the many other opportunities within the field such as becoming a foundation geologist for sturdily constructing buildings or as a geophysicist analyzing earthquakes to studying the rocks on other planets.

The University of Oklahoma’s Pick and Hammer Club, SEG and SPE student chapters highlighting the importance of the earth sciences and the great careers within the field during Norman High School’s AP Environmental Science class on November 9th, 2020.

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad is an American team competition in which students compete in 23 events pertaining to various scientific disciplines, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Over 7,800 middle school and high school teams from 50 U.S. states compete each year. Co-volunteering with the OU Pick & Hammer Club, we created and proctored three different earth science exams for both middle school and high school students. This was another great opportunity for us to expose students to geosciences. We did this twice during the Spring semester (at Putnam High School on January 18,2020 and at Southeastern Oklahoma State University on February 22, 2020) and plan to continue volunteering with the Science Olympiad organization in the future.

Volunteering for SEG

Throughout this year, our OU SEG student chapter volunteered at several SEG events. Many of our SEG student chapter members (roughly 20 students) volunteered at the OU booth during the SEG-2019 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas from September 16th to the 18th, 2019. We helped various professionals and prospective students learn more about the University of Oklahoma’s geophysics program, faculty and current students and ongoing research projects. This was a great opportunity for us to reconnect with our alumni while exposing our students to the energy industry.

Our student chapter also contributed a significant number of pages for the SEG Wiki through our co-faculty advisor’s seismic interpretation class. Dr. Bedle created a class project where 21 SEG Wiki pages were authored by students. Some of these student authors were also SEG student members. Karelia La Marca Molina participated in the SEG Wiki Spanish translation project. We also have several of our student members (roughly 14) that volunteer as reviewers for SEG publications such as Geophysics and Interpretation.

External links

  • Link to our SEG student chapter on our college's website.
  • Current ongoing OU geoscience research topics within our department.
  • A list of the ongoing contributions from the University of Oklahoma to the SEG Wiki, thanks to our co-faculty advisor, Dr. Heather Bedle, can be found on her SEG Wiki page.