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The SEG Student Chapter at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology currently consists of 6 active members, most of them PhD Candidates of the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum.


Student Chapter at PhD Seminar 2014


  1. Mr. Ivan Karpov (PhD Candidate)
  2. Mr. Marcin Duda
  3. Ms. Hong Yan (PhD Candidate)
  4. Mr. Maksym Lozovyi (PhD Candidate)
  5. Ms. Kim Mews (PhD Candidate)
  6. Ms. Jiaxin Yu (PhD Candidate)


An SEG Chapter booth is presented twice a year at the PhD Seminars of the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics to engage more students.

Student Chapter at PhD Seminar 2014

A field visit was organized to Statoil R&D center in Rotvol, Trondheim. Visit included two presentations about present activity in the center and a demonstration of Drilling simulator. Thanks Ketil Hokstad for help in organizing the event.

Student Chapter outside Statoil Rotvol

SEG Evolve 2018 with Mr. Allen Mertagne where a group of master students had the opportunity to learn and put in practice their knowledge in a hands-on multidisciplinary project.

Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) at the SEG Annual meeting Anaheim, California 2018 was awarded by Marcin Duda.

Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) at the SEG Annual meeting Houston, TX, 2020 was awarded by Veronica A. Torres C. First virtual SLS Meet and Greed Zoom meeting.

Field Camps


Honorary Lecturers

Evgeny Landa came to Trondheim 5th of February 2015 to give his lecture: "Pitfalls and challenges of seismic imaging".

After the lecture

Dirk Gajewski came to Trondheim 23rd of January 2019 to give his lecture: "Wavefront Attributes - a tool for processing, imaging and model building"

Ivan Vasconcelos came to Trondheim 27th of February to give his lecture: "Full-wave field focusing on seismic imaging - concepts, applications and examples"

Jhon Etgen came to Trondheim 4th of October 2019 to give his lecture: "Practical insights and techniques in seismic velocity estimations"

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