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SEG Mansoura University Student Chapter is a chapter from a faculty of science, we aim to plant the importance of geophysical science and deliver all possible information about it.

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We believe that geophysics is one of the most important sciences needed in society and that helps in the growth of the economy, so we aspire to be the best chapter that contributes to spreading this science at the level of Mansoura University to emphasize the importance of this science.


  • Spreading awareness of the importance of geophysics among the newcomer's generations.
  • Support students who are trying to understand geophysics and delve deeper into this science.
  • Organizing events that help communicate the importance of this science with the best geophysical engineers available.

Goals & Objective

Spreading the science of geophysics to future generations due to its importance among the different sciences and helping to increase their skills in the field of geophysics. This will happen by organizing different events in various geophysics topics over the coming years.

Current Officers (2021-2022)

  • Ahmed Ibrahim (President)
  • Maryam Almetwali (Vice-President)
  • Eman Elkfrawy (Treasurer)
  • Lamis Elsayed (Secretary)
  • Nourhan Waheeb (Head HR)
  • Alaa Saber (Head Social Media)
  • Mohamed Walead (Head scientific magazine)
  • Mohamed Elgenady (Head PR)
  • Eslam Faried (Head OR )

Past Officers (2020-2021)

  • Salma Emam (President)
  • Eslam Ayman (Vice-President)
  • Eman Elkfrawy (Treasurer)
  • Lamis Elsayed (Secretary)
  • Nourhan Waheeb (Head HR)
  • Ahmed Ibrahim (Head Social Media)
  • Mohamed Waleed (Head scientific magazine)
  • Ahmed Heada (Head PR)
  • El kayal (Head OR)

Activities (2021-2022)

Egypt SEG Field Camp 2022 3,15 Sep 2022

Participation in organizing the Egypt SEG Field Camp 2022 as a community partner with "SEG Al-Azhar, SEG Tanta, SEG Alexandria" This event is about a field camp in Wadi El Rayan-Egypt, which was organized by ESFC. SEG Field Camps are an interactive way to provide real - world training. to students beyond what can be taught in the classroom. The SEG Field Camp program is intended to advance the science of geophysics and support aspiring geoscientists by providing critical funding for projects that promote the professional development, student support, and youth outreach goals of the SEG.

Egyptian- Germany Geology Day 2 Nov 2021

Organizing the scientific symposium at the Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Department of Geology, in cooperation with the University of Tübtegen and the Zinkenberg Institute of Natural History.

Run the Code conference 27 Nov 2021

in partnership with the Institute of Information Technology, Mansoura Branch

About: Machine Learning application in Geoscience and Information Technology Institute tracks and Mahara Tech

School Visit 22 Dec 2021

Visiting Mansoura Royal languages school and talking to them about geophysics, structure of the earth, dinosaurs and about SEG organization.

CV writing and presentation skills workshops 1 Mar 2022

Training chapter members on how to write a professional CV and teaching them presentation skills.

Remote Sensing Vision 1,5 Sep 2021 online Lectures

About: Exploration of Minerals Using Remote Sensing Technology and Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Studied

From Earth to You 10,17 Dec 2021 online conference

Talking about the “shale evaluation” and helping the attendees know how to qualify for the requirements of the labor market and with a high degree for a good job, the last two days were devoted to “CV writing and linked in”.

Past Activities (2021-2022)

SEG On Fire 20 Dec 2020

The event was talking about; The definition of SEG and the courses offered by it to students. The importance of CV writing skills. The importance of scholarships and online courses.

Egyptian Earth Science Week (EESW) 11,18 Oct 2020 online

The event revolved around making the Egyptian Earth Science Week (EESW) as a simulation to the one organized by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI(. Geoscientists and students will help raise awareness of the relevance of earth materials to activities such as manufacturing, industry, transportation, food production, energy generation and product recycling.

2nd Geoscience Network Conference in Delta 6,7 Mar 2019

The event covered the following topics: Oil industry, Mining, Hydrology, Remote sensing, Electromagnetic and Safety. Giving sessions at leading businesses.

Break the code 2 Dec 2018

In this event the team did their best to give the attendees the ultimate use of processing stage and all the details about the field of seismic.

100 Richter 15,29 Oct 2018

The event was talking about applied geophysics which is uses in the field of oil exploration through 3 main operations "acquisition, processing and interpretation."

Youth talk 18 7 Apr 2018

The topic of the event is about presentation skills to help students break the barrier of fear and build skills to qualify them for professional life.

EGS Student Forum 2018 31 Mar 2018 The Conference was at the Faculty of Science Suez Canal University

The EGS student forum was the aspiration of the Geoscience students in Egypt to bring together the best of brains for some quality presentations on the newly trended geology and geophysics subjects nowadays. Nonetheless, this forum provides networking opportunities, professional development and fun!

Checkmate 14 Mar 2018

The idea of the event is that we teach attendees how to take the last step in their university life right, and how they can complete after university life, by learning: How do they work on their Graduation Project? How to write a scientific paper (abstract). What are the types of scholarships and how do they apply for them and raise their balance in admission (Scholarships & Grants)?

PGS Day 22 Feb 2018

The event was a practical day in which real data was extracted using the electric method. In the beginning, it was explained what the electric is and what the uses of this method are, with learning how to use these devices on the ground, and after they were used and extracting real data, they were taught how to process them in order to look at the final form.

GTI-Mansoura University 21 Oct 2017

The initiative focus on practical training. Program contents: Well logs interpretation and formation evaluation. Seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Well operations. Soft skills. Geological modeling and interpretation. Hidden play integrated exercise.

A story of water well 7,8 Nov 2016

All topics related to water wells are presented in the event such as: hydrology, hydrologic cycle and subsurface water zone.

Lighting and Darkness 22 Oct to 5 Nov 2016

The event lasted for 14 days where it talked about the importance of the field of geology and geophysics and about the most important topics related to this science.

Well logging interpretation manual 25 Nov 2015

This event was a workshop on: Well logging interpretation manual, and the main points around which the workshop revolves. What do you know about well-logging interpretation? How the data of well logging are organized to make an interpretation? What is type of data will you need to do it? How you can create and draw sections benefit you to be well understanding of what you study?

Contact Information

Addressː Gehaan Street, Mansoura University Faculty of Science, Geology department 35516 Mansoura City Egypt, Arab Republic

Emailː [email protected]

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Edited by Ahmed Ibrahim (President 2021-2022)

Emailː [email protected]

Mohamed Waleed (Head scientific magazine 2021-2022)