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SEG Geosciences Professional Development Forum
SEG Geosciences Professional Development Forum
Date 28-30 September 2014

Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche

Abu Dhabi, UAE

This forum gave IOCs, NOCs, service companies, and academia a platform to share their people development best practices and challenges in the current environment of increasing exploration, development and production demands.


SEG is committed to connecting, inspiring, and propelling early career and global geophysicists regionally and globally. With growing demand and new technologies, are new geoscientists – both graduates and young professionals – ready for the upcoming challenges opportunities?

This forum helped lay a foundation to enhance alignment between academia and industry, in order to ensure the development of competent, high-caliber graduates to meet the growing demands of the industry.

The following professional development areas were addressed:

  • NOC, IOC, service company and academia best practices
  • Current and future industry challenges vs. capabilities
  • Alignment of academic curriculum with industry expectations
  • Succession planning for future industry leaders
  • Understanding of the entire value chain
  • Mentoring and coaching practices

Technical topics

Academia-Industry Alignment

  • Not all universities are at the same level
  • What Industry needs from Academia
  • What Academia needs from Industry
  • Bridging the gap between Academia and Industry
  • Are Academia prepared / equipped to provide the needed talents
  • How far the Academia is updated with latest technologies
  • What Industry needs to do to help Academia to help the Industry

Innovative Approaches to Training

Growing Next Generation of O&G

  • The industry is undergoing a significant demographic transformation
  • An estimated 25%-35% of operational experience will be lost in the coming 5 years
  • Capability building of the next generation of O&G professionals is a strategic imperative
  • Robust plans and Strategies developed to build the technical and leadership pipeline of professionals

IOC/NOC PD Strategies and Challenges

  • PD Curriculum, Design & Deliverables: Programme Assessment & Competency Management - How to Develop a Competent Workforce
  • Talent Management: How to Build Active Young Leaders for Today and the Future
  • Knowledge Management: How to handover business knowledge from the experienced outgoing generation to the less-experienced newly coming generation

Service Providers PD Challenges and Strategies

Professional Development Intersociety Panel

  • Role of professional societies in PD and in developing/ maintaining high levels of competence
  • How can professional societies help accelerate the insertion of Young graduates in the E&P industry and academia, but also keep up to date professional with changes, techniques and technologies
  • Examples of how professional societies could (or could not) enhance ability of professionals to cope with challenges and changes, makes the most of opportunities, and/or maintain job satisfaction and motivation
  • Based on your recent events in PD, what are your society’s PD lessons learnt/conclusions and areas of future discussion?

Organizing Committee


Samir Abdelmoaty, Technical Petroleum Services
Wafik Beydoun, ADNOC


Ahmed Sabry, Schlumberger
Mohammed Ali, Petroleum Institute
Hiroshi Hagiwara, ADNOC
Jennifer Coconnier-Thomas, Total
Simon Haddad, Total
Ahmed Aly, Technical Petroleum Solutions Oman
Mohamed Abdulsattar, ENOC
Kamal Belaid, ADMA



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