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SEG Salt Model C3 Narrow Azimuth Subset ARCO processed shots

In this archive we provide an edited set of shots from the SEG Salt Model C3 narrow azimuth classic dataset.

The dataset consists of 51 "sail" lines, separated by 320 m: 96 shots per line, 80 m shot interval 8 cables per shot, 40 m cable separation 68 receivers per cable, 20 m receiver separation Source between first receiver on cables 4 and 5

There were errors in the original extraction and some corrupted shots. This creates holes in coverage in several parts of the survey.

At the beginning of each sail line, the cable extends off the model, resulting in missing traces. The first shot has 112 traces, the next shot adds 16 traces (2 receivers x 8 cables), and so on, until the full cable is over the model (the 28th shot, with 544 traces). Shots 28-86 on each sail line have the full 544 traces.

The data are stored in four SEGY Rev 1 files, each about 1.5 GB in size:

Field File number, sequential source number, and source/receiver XYZ coords are in standard SEGY locations.

-Chuck Mosher [email protected]

Some velocity files are: