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SEG BHOS SC-Society of Exploration Geophysicists Baku Higher Oil School Student Chapter established in 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a community that encourages students to improve their professional and personal qualities by engaging in both technical and non-technical sessions, field trips, intellectual competitions. Our work also focuses on creating a link between worldwide students and professionals who promote geophysics science through online webinars and activities, under advisory of Ms. Farida Ismayilova, Drilling Geohazard Specialist.


  • To execute educative sessions for local and nonlocal students in order to enrich their knowledge about diverse topics related to geophysics/geoscience
  • To improve soft skills of the students by arranging non-technical sessions.

Current Student Chapter Officers

2021-2022 Office

President Vice President PR Lead Special Projects Lead Graphic Design Lead Secretary
Asiman Hamzayev Vahid Ismayilzade Gunel Rahimli Eldar Asgarov Aytan Nabiyeva Elnur Askarov
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Treasurer Officer Chief Learning Officer Senior Advisor Faculty Advisor
Ali Mammadov Fatima Idriszade Farid Ganiyev Ramil Amirli Farida Ismayilova
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Former Student Chapter Officers

2020-2021 Office

President Vice President PR Lead Special Projects Lead Graphic Design Lead Secretary Treasurer Chief Learning Officer Officer Officer Faculty Advisor
Ramil Amirli Fidan Jabrayilova Nazrin Abbasova Darya Huseynova Gulyaz Huseynova Samir Rasulov Farid Ganiyev Orkhan Mammadov Xalid Orucov Ulkar Abdullayeva Farida Ismayilova

2019-2020 Office

President Vice President PR Lead Special Projects Lead Graphic Design Lead Secretary Treasurer Officer Faculty Advisor
Ali Nuraliyev Darya Huseynova Elvin Allahverdiyev Katib Aliyev Alakbar Alakbarov Emin Nematov Ramil Amirli Orkhan Mammadov Farida Ismayilova

SEG Student Chapter Ranking

SEG BHOS Student Chapter has been selected as one of the eight Summit-level Student Chapters for 2021. Summit level is considered as the highest level (excluding the best Chapter award) for SEG Student Chapter!


Geophysics school

A comprehensive three-month course about Geophysics and Petrophysics. The course was held in collaboration with the Kyiv SEG Student Chapter and a total of 25 participants from Romania, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan took advantage of this program. All successful participants receive the certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Right Track Mentoring program

A comprehensive 5-6 month course about Geomechanics, Drilling, and Completion. During the program, professionals from different companies such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes are invited to share their knowledge and experience with students. All successful participants receive the certificate of completion at the end of the program. This program was firstly introduced at end of 2019 and now the second volume of this program is in progress.


Competition for students to test their skills in Geology, Geophysics, and Petrophysics by having fun.

Miscellaneous technical and non-technical sessions

Sessions with industry professionals and recent graduates for improving both soft and hard skills of participants.

Yer-Gyaan event series

Interactive lecture series about Seismic Petrophysics, Seismic data acquisition, Rock Physics, Seismology, and complex analysis of geological structures in collaboration with SEG BHU Student Chapter.

Career Marathon event series

Soft skill sessions for students to help them achieving success in both educational and work careers between 16-24 February 2021. This series was held in collaboration with SEG ASOIU, SPE ASOIU, and SPE BHOS Student Chapters.

SEG Student Leadership Symposium

The SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium is a two-day focused leadership program for fifty selected student participants, representative of their student chapter. This program will include an address by the SEG President, best practices presentations from selected Student Chapters, professional leadership coaching, an organized team building activity, and a Strategic Problem Solving Session with the SEG Executive Committee. This year(2021), SEG BHOS Student Chapter first time in its history sent representative for attending the SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium Program. Due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, SLS 2021 was held online. We believe that our board members will continue to serve this community and will continously get chance  to particpate in upcoming SLS programs.

Geoscience School

The 6-week program students acquired valuable knowledge on Geoscience and improved their skills with the help of our honorable speaker Dana Nancoo-Ali. The knowledge gained during the course was checked continuously and successful participants were provided with the certificates at the end.

Subsea Engineering School

261412967 1843403585850143 2867346823728261856 n.jpg

Subsea Engineering School is a project that involves organization of a 6 week course taught by engineers with a broad technical knowledge and experience in the related field. The course provided information on project execution chain, subsea field development, jacket and topside installation, flexible product installation and etc. The audience of course was students studying geology / geophysics and petroleum engineering and during 6 weeks, knowledge gained during the course was checked continously and successful participants were provided with the certificates at the end.

Career Marathon Month

During the "Career marathon month" SEG BHOS have made collaboration with SPE BHOS and organized beneficial sessions with professionals. This event series lasted four weeks, and each week was dedicated to different topics that will help students to grow professionally in their career. At the end of program successful participant got certificates.

Environmental Geology webinars

As a result of collaboration of SEG FUTA Student Chapter with SEG BHOS Student Chapter interactive 2-day webinar series on following topics: "How to face climate change", "The role of geology on environmental concerns carried out. Speakers delved into details of above-mentioned topics, giving thorough explanation on the participants' questions during sessions.

Whiskas month

In November 2021, SEG BHOS team supported the "Whiskas month" by BHOS Animal Care Club and joined the challenge for taking care off the animals. During the "Whiskas month", team members encouraged their friends to take care of animals and feed them in difficult days.

Field trip to Baku Drilling School

On 25 February, we had amazing trip to Baku Drilling School. Participants from different universities learned about drilling devices, made real practice and got a chance to try drilling simulation devices.


Super Geo Woman event

SEG BHOS in collaboration with SEG ASOIU organized fabulous and exciting event called "SuperGeoWomen". 4 women specialists from different fields and participated in the panel discussions and answered questions from curious audience.

Super geo woman.jpg

Geomechanics School

Hear from a Peer - Master Opportunities in Azerbaijan

Visit to “Ümid” Children's Association

As a part of SEG BHOS Student Chapter activities we visited the “Ümid” Children's Association on the 25th of June, 2022. We enjoyed to spent time and had several games and talks with them. Thanks to your donations, they received their gifts. Smile and happiness on their faces are worth everything.