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SEG Ain Shams University Student Chapter (SEG ASUSC) aims to reduce the gap between theoretical study and field of work by providing latest updates of geosciences through various chapter activities such as workshops, field trips, lectures, and distinguished instructor short course (DISC). The chapter was founded in December 10, 2011.

Current Officers

  • Amjad Sobhi Muhammed (President).
  • Omar Emad (Vice President).
  • Muhammad Khaled (Secertary).
  • Taher Khalifah (Treasurer).

Our Mission

  1. Promoting applied Geophysics to those interested.
  2. Reducing the gap between theoretical study and work environment.


SEG Annual Program

Its aim was to compensate the need of summer training. The event included:

  • Technical topics: Petrophysics, Seismic data processing, Seismic interpretation, unconventional reservoirs.
  • Non-Technical orientation: Team work & team management, leadership and project management, mind Mapping, creativity and Negotiation skills, writing Skills, presentation and Communication skills.

Conventional & Unconventional Reservoirs

This event aimed to study Conventional & Unconventional reservoirs specially the unconventional ones as Oil industries and governments across the globe are investing in unconventional oil sources due to the increasing scarcity of conventional oil reserves.

Shell Day

Technical topics were depositional environment and reservoirs distributions. The non-technical topics were Shell interview tips, Job positions within Shell.


This event was titled as "Forensic data processing – Revealing your data's hidden stories" Presented by Joe Dellinger (BP, Houston, Texas, USA).

Super Women

SEG Ain Shams University Student Chapter celebrated international women's day, by hosting remarkable, successful women from various fields to tell their story of success.

Mini Mud School (MMS)

The event approached mud preparation, tests, functions and properties.

Halliburton yard visit

The visit took place in Halliburton Training Center in Cairo. The visit included a discussion about drilling, in addition to an illustration of drilling tools.

Processing school

This program included four sessions that discussed the following topics :

  • Wave Analysis
  • Convolutional Model
  • Correlation & Convolution
  • Snell’s Law & Reflection Coefficient
  • Wave front & Ray path
  • Seismic Experiment
  • Basic processing workflow
  • Transcription & Seismic formats
  • Demultiplexing
  • Trace edit & reverse polarity
  • Geometry & Navigation files
  • Amplitude recovery
  • Noise attenuation
  • Linear noise removal
  • Deconvolution
  • Random noise removal
  • CMP gather (Sorting)
  • Demultiple
  • Normal Move out
  • Mute
  • Migration
  • Stack
  • Filtering
  • Seismic Inversion

Introduction to Planetary Geology and Geophysics

In this event we briefly discussed planetary science, and how it’s associated with other sciences such as geology and geophysics.

Seismic School

This program divided into 9 individual sessions, containing explanatory of seismic was acquisition, processing, interpretation, seismic attributes, structural modeling and seismic stratigraphy.

SEG Middle East & Africa Honorary Lecture

SEG ASUSC hosted the honorary lecture talking about “Improving seismic structural time-map accuracy with better near-surface measurements”, presented By Mr. Bruce Blake.

Basics of Natural Gas production & processing operations

This event approached the production methods and processing phases of natural gas in a general sense.

Petrobel Field visit

The visit was sponsored by PETROBEL company to one of its oil fields.

Halliburton Day

The event discussed the basics of drilling, types of mud and their functions, and mud logging basics.

Contact Information

Address: Society of Exploring Geophysicists Ain Shams University, Geophysics department. Cairo, Egypt.

Email: segasusc4‐at‐

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