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SEG Tanta University Student Chapter aims to reduce the gap between theoretical study at college and field of work by providing the latest updates of geosciences through various chapter activities such as workshops, field trips, lectures, and distinguished instructor short course. The chapter was founded in February 2019 and launched in September 2019.

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Past Officers 2019

  • Radwa Maher (President).
  • Mohamed Shehab (Vice President).
  • Nada Gaber (Secretary).
  • Nourhan Khaled (Treasurer).

Current Officers 2020

  • Radwa Maher (President).
  • Samer Elsawaf (Vice President).
  • Nada Gaber (Secretary).
  • Ibrahim Rady (Treasurer).

Our Mission

  1. Promoting applied Geophysics to those interested.
  2. Reducing the gap between theoretical study and work environment.

Programs 2019

Technical Training Course

We started to announce the chapter all over the Egyptian Universities by designing a training course in the field of the oil industry which lasted for the training of which, a training day every Saturday.

  • Starting Date: 28/September/2019
  • Ending Date: 12/November/2019
  • Time: 09:00 AM – 03:00 PM (Every Saturday)
  • Place: Faculty of Science, Tanta University.

Technical topics: Petrophysics, Seismic data processing, Seismic interpretation, unconventional reservoirs and prospecting generation.

Non-Technical orientation: Teamwork & team management, leadership and project management, CV writing and interview skills, and presentation and communication skills.

Opening Day

  • Date: 19 /October/ 2019
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Place: Faculty of Science, Tanta University.

Twenty of our active student members participated in the preparation & organization of our 1st opening at the faculty. As we have started, SEG is more than a society, and according to our concept, we are responsible for developing our faculty by all means. The target was to introduce " What SEG is to our faculty ". We had organized our work into teams, each team has a different mission, such as registration, organization, presenters, media "photographers", evaluation, ….etc. This opening was attended by about 300 students from the Faculty of Science, Tanta University and other universities in Egypt.

'''We were honored by the presence of the administrators from the university and the faculty:-'''

  1. Vice President of the University for Education and Students Affairs, Prof. Dr. Alrefaie Mubarak.
  2. Vice President of the University for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, Prof. Dr. Imad Etman
  3. Vices Dean of the college and the heads of the scientific departments of the College.


  • Dr. Samy Elraghy

An Egyptian-Australian geologist and businessman, owner and principal investor of Centamin Egypt, owner of Sukari Gold Mines (Now it is the he only operating gold mine in Egypt).

  • Mr. Samir Abdelmoaty

President of the Egyptian Geophysical Society and president of the Rock Hopper Exploration Company in Egypt.

  • Dr. Ali Baker

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rock Serve Petroleum Consulting

  • Mr. Youssef Elsherif

Technical data manager in Shell Egypt.

  • Mr. Ahmed Nabeeh

Mud logging Engineer (LWD – MDW) at Halliburton Saudi Arabia.

  • Ms. Mariam Elnahrawi

Borehole geologist at Schlumberger Egypt

Offline Recruitment

  • Date: 6/November/2019
  • Time: 09:00 AM – 03:00 PM
  • Place: Faculty of Science, Tanta University.

In addition to online recruitment, most of our active members were helping students at the faculty to understand our vision and mission in order to volunteer at SEG Tanta University Student Chapter and get our membership by applying with them in a paper-based application to get a later interview on the following days. We got more than 200 students applications, on that day, from the Geology Department and other scientific departments at the faculty, in addition to students from the Faculty of Education. We accept only the highest qualified 50 students.

Attendance of SEG Al-Azhar Student Chapter Opening

  • Date: 7/November/2019
  • Time: 03:00 PM – 07:00 PM
  • Place: Agiba Petroleum Company, Cairo, Egypt.

Some of our special members such as the president, vice president and the head of the Public Relations Committee had gone to Agiba Petroleum Company to attend the SEG Al-Azhar University at Cairo Student Chapter opening to congratulate and support them, in addition to collaborating with them to perform mutual activities.

Celebration of "Prophet Mohamed’s birthday".

  • Date: 11/November/2019
  • Time: 10 AM – 1 PM
  • Place: Faculty of Science, Tanta University.

Some members distributed different types of sweets, along with some religious quotes, to students everywhere in the college on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, because we believe in the societal and entertainment role of the chapter, which brought pleasure and joy to the students. This also helped spread the name of SEG Tanta University Student Chapter among the college’s students and staff members after the mega-event of the opening.

Fluorescent competition

  • Date: 23/November/2019
  • Time: 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Place: Faculty of Science, Tanta University

It’s competition throughout the whole faculty to develop the students ’skills, it compromised of about 80 students. At first, they were divided into 13 teams of 5-7 students, each. Each team had a different topic and was given a week to collect enough information to make a presentation regarding that topic as long as it doesn't get presented in more than 15 minutes. Then, they were evaluated by a jury of 4 highly qualified judges. This competition was stimulating for students, which led them to collaborate and work in a team to increase their personal skills such as, presentation skills and public speaking. It also taught them how to work under stress to get the best results since the competition period was one week only. Moreover, it was in the midterm exam period.

Energy projects and Egypt's vision 2030 Faculty of Engineering

  • Date: 24/November/2019
  • Time: 10 AM – 3 PM
  • Place: Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University.

Accepting the invitation of Scientific Society of Physics and Engineering Mathematics at the Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University for SEG Tanta University Student Chapter members to attend the conference of Energy projects and Egypt's vision 2030.

Public Outing

  • Date: 7/December/2019
  • Time: 3 PM – 5 PM
  • Place: Café & Restaurant (At Tanta)

A free and fun day for all of the chapter's members, far from the formal and work environment at the end of the academic term, on which we have lunch together and review the chapter's activities all over the year and evaluate them to reach a better and more professional level on the following year, also, honoring the best members of the current year. This allows the increasing team and cooperation spirit.

Contact Information

Address: Medical Complex, Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, 31527, Tanta, Gharbia, Egypt.

Email: seg.tanta‐at‐

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