Robert Godfrey

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Robert Godfrey
Membership SEG
BSc Geological Engineering
PhD Geophysics
BSc university UBC
PhD university Stanford University

Robert J. Godfrey received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geological Engineering from UBC in 1975 followed by a PhD in Geophysics in 1979 from Stanford University as a member of the Stanford Exploration Project founded by Jon Claerbout.

Following his graduation, he began his career with Mobil Field Research Lab in Dallas and then joined Digicon in London for eight years where he worked in research and development. This was followed by 25 years with Schlumberger where he worked in Calgary, Austin, London, and Cairo, primarily in the fields of reservoir characterization and later in seismic monitoring. In 2015, he established Robert Godfrey Geophysics Inc. and is currently working as a geophysical consultant in seismic technology and geophysical education. He undertakes short-term field assignments. Godfrey is a member of the SEG and is a professional geoscientist in the province of Alberta.

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