Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring with Advanced Geophysical Technology

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2014 Development & Production Forum
SEG 2014 D&P Forum
Date 29 June – 3 July 2014

Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel & Spa

Santa Rosa, California

This four-day meeting explored the role of geophysics in reservoir characterization and monitoring and examined the new technology applied for these and related problems, such as CO2 sequestration.


It had been more than 20 years since the Development & Production Forum first addressed the issue of reservoir characterization and monitoring, and much of the landscape had changed. Technologies that were emerging then, such as time-lapse seismic and geostatistics, are in common use today, and the pilots where these technologies were first tested have long completed their missions.

Now the landscape has changed again. Many of our resources are unconventional, offshore, or deeply buried and much of the new oil is now recovered with advanced processes, such as thermal flooding and hydraulic fracturing. Our tools are changing too. Improved sensing technology, ever expanding computational capability and the long reach of the internet provides us with a rich toolset to address these problems.

Organizing Committee

Michael Wilt (Chairman), Schlumberger
William Abriel, Chevron
David Alumbaugh, Neos GeoSolutions
Abdulfattah A. Dajani, Saudi Aramco
Tom Daley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Thomas Davis, Colorado School of Mines
Kevin Dodds, BP Upstream Technology
Jerry Harris, Stanford University
Mark Houston, Baker Hughes
Tom Morgan, Schlumberger
Michael Payne, Exxon-Mobil (ret)
Wayne Pennington, Michigan Technological University
Carlos Torres-Verdin, University of Texas-Austin

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Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring with Advanced Geophysical Technology
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