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Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Student Chapter, Society of Exploration Geophysicists was established in 25 August, 2009 incorporated with the student chapters of European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) and Society of Petroleum Geophysicists (SPG India) to become one solid student chapter of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU). SEG, SPG and EAGE Student chapters of PDPU works in collaboration to promote the exchange of technical ideas, knowledge and practical experiences about geosciences, geophysics and the field of Petroleum Technology.

Student Chapter Officers

Academic 2016 - 2017

Position Name Email Phone
President Bipin Gangani [email protected] +919727003606
Vice-president Dixeet Ghori [email protected] +919979213999
Secretary Yash Ranch [email protected] +918320222793
Treasurer Meet Bhatia [email protected] +919723798249
Faculty Advisor Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui [email protected] +917923275068

Achievements and Awards

2016 SEG Best Student Chapter Award

In 2016, SEG Student Chapter, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University was awarded SEG Best Student Chapter Award for SEG Student Chapter Excellence Program 2016 under the guidance of Mr. Sudarsan Sai Gogineni, Chapter President (2015-2016) and Faculty Advisor, Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui.

2015 SEG Summit Student Chapter Award

In 2015, SEG Student Chapter, PDPU received Summit Student Chapter Award.


SLS-SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium

Since 2015, SEG Student Chapter, PDPU sent one participant to SEG Student Leadership Symposium (SLS).

Events and Activities

Field Trip/ Field Work

Earth Science and Hydrocarbon Exploration Fieldwork

"Enjoy the aroma of the nature with your imagination and senses."

Every year on the first/second week of February, Earth Science and Hydrocarbon Exploration Fieldwork is organized for 8-10 days in Kutchhh for students who completes their 3rd Semester or begins their Second year journey of Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering. With an aim to get an insight of geology, and to learn the application of principles of earth science, sedimentary geology and petroleum geology.

Geowalk: One Day Geological Trip

The objective of the trip was to provide an opportunity to the students pursuing their Bachelor and Master degree in Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences to come together and understand natural sciences involving Supracrustal and Basement Rocks.


The Student Chapter organized at least one workshop on every academic year. Major workshop organized during previous academic includes:

  • Well Logging and Interpretation Workshop
  • Production Optimization-Nodal Analysis
  • Workshop on SCADA & PLC

Honorary Lectures & Special Lectures

A lecture on the topics of Geophysics, Geosciences and Oil and Gas industry was held every year and the honorary lecturer were the invitees from Society of Exploration Geophysisicts (SEG). Some of the special lectures includes:

  • 'How to write abstract or Research Paper?' , which aimed at providing a special lesson for students who begins their journey in preparations of papers, posters, patents, thesis,.etc.
  • CAT vs GRE - An Engineer's Dilemma, a career counseling session.
  • 'Wonders of Geo-science and Brilliant Opportunities', A public lecture series by British Scientists and Science Communicators.

Social Initiatives

  • A Blood Donation Camp organized in association with Rotary Club of Pandid Deendayal Petroleum University.
  • Cleanliness Drive: A student chapter decided to carry out a cleanliness drive in the nearby village where some garbage creates serious disturbances, problems and releases diseases. The student chapter feels it is extremely important to develop the community in such sense and become an asset to it.

Chapter Competitions

Petro Brainiac Quiz Competition

The student Chapter organized a general and technical knowledge based quiz competition every year. This competition is divided into four Rounds.

  • Round 1 (Online Round): Three teams are selected to participate on Round 3.
  • Round 2 (Selection/Screening Round): Five teams are selected to compete with the teams selected to participate in Round 3.
  • Round 3 (Main Round): Eight teams selected from Round 1 and Round 2 compete each others and Four Teams are selected for Final Round.
  • Final Round: The Winners and runners up are facilitate with Prize Money and Certificates.


With a view to test the understanding of the petroleum industry, a quiz competition for the freshers or First year students is conducted by SEG Student Chapter, PDPU every year.

Student Chapter Special Session

Introductory session

This session provides a time and place to introduce SEG and its student chapter to the first year student. The session begins with an introduction on each chapter, their objectives, roles and the benefits that students can reap by being a part of each one of them. During this session, registration for student chapter membership is opens.

Intern Talk

With an objectives of 'the best way to know about your field interest and activities is through your seniors'. To fulfill this necessity, an INTERN TALK is conducted every year in collaboration with other student chapters of PDPU. The focus of this event is to provide an insight to the second and third year students about the internships that they will undergo at the end of their sixth semesters. The speakers of the event are the fourth-year students who provided their juniors with valuable information gained during the internship period.

Interactive Induction Session

In order to get all the committee members acquainted to each other, an interaction session is conducted. The aim is to make all committee members know about each other, about the committee, culture and way forward for the upcoming year so that they can build teamwork among themselves.

Student Chapter SEG Library

The student chapter collects and keeps all the previous as well as recently published articles, magazines, journals and books by SEG and create a separate sections in the main library of School of Petroleum Technology, PDPU. Students can easily reach out and issue these collections from the library and gets the benefits of SEG literature.

e-Learning Initiation

Learning Thursday

Learning Thursday is an initiative by SEG, SPG & EAGE PDPU student chapter, an educative means to keep students updated with the happenings in petroleum industry. This learning methods is made every Thursday. With all the efforts and hard work, SEG, SPG & EAGE student chapter, PDPU team make LEARNING THURSDAYS a paramount and a mode to connect the students with the industry.

Video Lecture Series

The best way to learn and remember new things is to see them happen. In order to impart knowledge in young minds more efficiently SEG student chapter brought about the concept of video lecture series. This is carried out every Saturday through mail to all the students.

Chapter Contact Details

Chapter Name Address Email
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University SEG Student Chapter Raisan, Gandhinagar

Gujarat 382007


[email protected]

External Links

Facebook: @SEGPDPUFB

Twitter: @SEGPDPUTweeter

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