Osman Hassan

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Osman Hassan
Osman Hassan WebPortrait 180x226.jpg
Membership SEG, AAPG, EAGE and GSH
MSc Geophysics
MSc university University of Tulsa, Oklahoma
PhD university ASU

Osman M. Hassan has a MSc degree in Geophysics from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma and a PhD from ASU in Cairo, Egypt. Osman has been involved in geophysical education, training, and research and production for more than 20 years. He worked for 4-D International (in Tulsa, OK), PGS, Landmark/Geographics, Paradigm, CGG Veritas, and as a Senior Geophysicist at Schlumberger/Western Geco in Houston, Texas. He is currently an E&P consultant at ION Geo in Houston. He teaches courses in geophysical signal analysis deconvolution and imaging.

Osman has edited numerous geophysics articles, thesis, and books for the SEG and PennWell publishing company.

He is an active member of the SEG, AAPG, EAGE and GSH.

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