Opportunities and Challenges in Unconventional Resources

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2011 Development & Production Forum
SEG 2011 D&P Forum
Date 31 July-5 August 2011
Location Beijing, China

This forum brought together experts from the oil/gas industry and academic organizations to discuss the technical issues and challenges in the development and production of unconventional resources.


In 2011 we turned the attention of the D&P Forum Series to underexplored technical issues in unconventional resources including, but not limited to shale gas, oil shale, heavy oil, tight gas, and coal-bed methane. Unconventional resources require novel approaches to access, develop and produce in an environmentally sensitive manner, making them high cost initiatives to pursue. The challenge for geoscientists and engineers is significant in unlocking these reservoirs in an economically viable manner especially when their heterogeneity, stress anisotropy, mineralogy, and fluid sensitivity are also incorporated into their already complex behavior.

The 5-day meeting in Beijing, China focused on an informal discussion of the geological, geophysical and engineering challenges in the development and production of unconventional resources.

Technical topics

  • Economic value/risks associated with the exploration and production of unconventional resources
  • Geophysical, geochemical, and geomechanical properties of unconventional resources
  • Horizontal drilling, stimulated fracturing and fracturing monitoring, and other engineering aspects
  • Potential geophysical, geomechanical, and engineering technologies or tools for imaging and assessing dynamic changes in reservoirs, faults, and seal properties
  • Technology gaps and promising geophysical technologies for quantitative reservoir management, monitoring, leakage detection, and mitigation
  • Pushing the limit on geophysical data acquisition, imaging, and reservoir management
  • Case studies demonstrating use of technologies and challenges

Organizing Committee


Enru Liu (ExxonMobil)
Sam Zandong Sun (China Univ. of Petroleum)


Arthur Cheng (Halliburton)
Q. Shouli (Sinopec)
H. Huimin (CNPC)
X. Wang (BGP)
W. Shenming (Petrochina, CBM Institute)
Y. Jianhua ( China Univ. of Mining and Technology)
Y. Xiao (ExxonMobil)
F. Liu (Hess)
M. Chapman ( Univ. of Edinburgh)
M. Houston (VSFusion)
M. Payne (ExxonMobil)
X. Pan (Talisman Energy, Inc.)


CGG Veritas
SMT Kingdom
China University of Petroleum - Beijing
PetroChina CBM


SEG 2011 DP Forum Beijing

"The SEG Development and Production Forum, Opportunities and Challenges in Unconventional Resources, was held from 31 July to 5 Aug 2011, at the Wendu Water City Resort in Changping, a satellite town of Beijing, China. It was the first time Chinese geophysicists and geologists had the opportunity to take part in an SEG D&P Forum on unconventional resources exploration, and development.

This Forum co-chaired by Sam Z. Sun and Enru Liu attracted 104 attendees and visitors from international and domestic oil and service companies, institutes, and universities. There were 85 formal registered attendees with 38 oral presentations and 9 poster presentations given during the forum. Foreign speakers delivered 17 oral presentations and 3 poster presentations, while Chinese speakers gave 21 oral presentations and 6 poster presentations.

On the first morning, Mr. Longde Sun, Vice President of CNPC, Mr. Laibin Zhang, President of China University of Petroleum, and Mr. Chengzhao Jia, Chairman of CPS, delivered keynote speeches pertaining to Chinese industry, academia, and society.

Besides being initiated by SEG, this forum was co-organized by Chinese Petroleum Society and China University of Petroleum. Also, the forum was generously sponsored by both international geophysical service companies and domestic oil companies and academia like BGP, CGGVeritas, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), PetroChina CBM, Sinopec and SMT.

The forum herded a strong contingent of experts to share the world-leading technical knowledge on exploration and development of unconventional resources. Feedback indicated that most of the participants obtained valuable and inspiring information from this forum.

In addition to providing regular work and services to the participants, the organizing team offered all of the attendees one set of newly published book named 'Unconventional Oil & Gas Exploration and Development,' edited by Sam Sun, Chengzao Jia and Xiangfang Li."

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