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OpendTect: Created by dGB Earth Sciences

SEG Distinguished Achievement Award 2016 [1]

OpendTect had nominations from several continents, mostly from prominent professors. Perhaps John Louie from the University of Nevada, Reno, said it best: “Before OpendTect, I had no hope of teaching 3D seismic stratigraphy, or of being able to have students do theses on seismic interpretation. Then OpendTect came out, and the world changed. My students and I could load industry and academic data sets into it and interpret them on our own Mac or PC laptops. I was able to thoroughly vet OpendTect's usability for student research projects, and my ability to teach with it using their more advanced tools. Almost all of my research projects, and most of my student's theses, are now relying on OpendTect. Without it, I would not be able to teach to current industry standards.”

Citation for the SEG Distinguished Achievement Award

by William “Bill” Barkhouse

Disruptive innovation with access globally begins to reveal the distinguished achievement of OpendTect embodying the most fundamental principles and philosophy of open-source software. Coupled with a business philosophy of maximum value proposition and a loyalty to all interpretation users — from across the globe and from the most advanced researcher to the earliest students and young professionals of integrated seismic interpretation — OpendTect enjoys the highest level of peer recognition as recognized in this SEG Distinguished Achievement Award.

It is most fitting that recognition for OpendTect emanates from legions of university professors and their students from more than 400 universities globally. Free and open access reflects OpendTect's research and development philosophy and enables any geophysicist, geoscientist, or individual to explore with their imagination, knowledge, and creativity in interpreting earth systems for achieving a deeper understanding of earth processes.

However, it is OpendTect's persona that ultimately wins over its most ardent fans and supporters. OpendTect always is present with its iconic booth at all of the world’s technical conferences. Its world-class talent is ever present, in person, by providing training and follow-up connection through its 24/7 global support. OpendTect is always supportive and nurturing in enabling individuals to learn seismic interpretation with its many attributes as easily and quickly as possible. For more than 21 years, OpendTect has brought new meaning and definition to the word loyalty, which is reciprocated many times over from the people it touches.

I invite you to join in this celebration through a round of applause to its cofounder Paul de Groot, who — from his student days at Delft University to his present global podium — has orchestrated a masterful demonstration of innovative geophysical science through open-access software development and as a global humanitarian demonstrated through OpendTect's many charitable programs. Please join in an additional round of applause for OpendTect's global team of multitalented personnel. In closing, may we look forward to the next 21 years for what surely will be further exciting OpendTect developments and contributions within this wonderful world of geophysics.


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