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The field SEG-Y data files may be processed and plotted using seismic processing data software. Some programs shows seismic data in SEG-Y, CWP/SU, CGG CST formats on screen of your personal computer. [1]

Some features that you can see in a SEG-Y are:

  • Standard integer (2,4 bytes) and IBM float (4 bytes) sample formats support
  • Nonstandard integer(1 byte), float IEEE (4 bytes) sample formats
  • Various seismic display modes (Wiggle trace, variable area, variable density, color)
  • Import-export color palettes to text file
  • Scaling seismic image, gain control, axes labeling setup
  • Plot seismic to printer (plotter)
  • Image export in Bitmap (.bmp) and PostScript formats.
  • SEG-Y trace headers display (formats Integer*1,*2,*4, IEEE Float*4,*8, IBM Float*4 are supported)
  • Search trace by header item value
  • Data samples browsing
  • Text header and binary editor
  • Band pass filter, automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Headers consistency check
  • Write whole SEG-Y file or part of it to disk in SEG-Y (IBM-32/IEEE) or CWP/SU format with ability to select data on base of trace index or trace header value or trace header expression and given time interval
  • Parameters can be applied to recorded data (filter, AGC etc).
  • Export trace(s) sample and header values to text file
  • Import trace headers values from text file
  • Trace shift according with “Delay Recording Time” trace header value
  • Selection of traces to be displayed by trace index or header value and by expression
  • Trace headers change by means expressions
  • Trace sorting
  • Open and fix files containing wrong data in binary header (Recovery Mode)
  • Single trace header item editing
  • Disc directory browsing
  • Power spectrum calculation and display

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  1. Norris, M.W.; Faichney, A.K. (Eds.) (2002). SEG-Y rev1 Data Exchange format. Tulsa, OK: Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

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