New angles on azimuth

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SEG Forum
SEG Forum
Date 30 March–3 April 2009
Location Napa, California, USA

This forum gathered experts to discuss the state of the art of as it relates to innovative approaches to multiazimuth seismic surveys in an open and relaxed atmosphere.


Various techniques have been used in recent years for acquiring marine seismic data that introduce significant azimuth variations to improve imaging and interpretation in complex geologic environments. Similarly, on land, innovations have occurred that are changing the face of land seismic surveys. This has resulted in a rethinking of the entire seismic value chain: survey design, acquisition, processing, interpretation, and economic evaluation have all undergone significant and rapid changes.

Technical topics

  • Innovations in acquisition and processing of multiazimuth data
  • Lessons learned in the value of azimuth in seismic surveys
  • Simultaneous sources
  • Stepping outside the Gulf of Mexico with wide azimuth surveys
  • Use of multiazimuth data in interpretation and determination of reservoir properties
  • The way forward in multiazimuth seismic surveys

Organizing Committee

Craig Beasley
Gary Hampson
Guus Berkhout


Western Geco
Fairfield Industries

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