New Advances in Integrated Reservoir Surveillance (SEG/SPE/AAPG SRW 2012)

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SEG/SPE/AAPG 2012 Summer Research Workshop
Date 24-29 June 2012
Sponsor(s) Blueback Reservoir, ConocoPhillips, Halliburton, Maersk Oil, Resman, Shell, SunRise Petrosolutions, Neos Geosolutions
Location Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA USA

New Advances in Integrated Reservoir Surveillance

Integrated reservoir surveillance is increasingly becoming a crucial tool for reservoir management, recovery optimization, and environmental protection. Surveillance technologies are advancing rapidly and new ways to integrate surveillance into reservoir management are being developed. At this workshop a whole spectrum of topics from data acquisition, to integrated interpretation, to business value were covered. On a general level this workshop dealt with the following three crucial aspects: 1) what type of data is needed and how the data is acquired, 2) how the data is utilized, and 3) what value the technology brings, or can potentially bring.

Technical Sessions and Speakers

Opening Workshop Keynote Address by Ken Tubman, ConocoPhillips

Session 1: Advances in acquiring and analyzing/processing time-lapse seismic data
Session 1 Keynote: Paul Hatchell, Shell

Session 2: Other geophysical surveillance data
Session 2 Keynote: Shawn Maxwell, Schlumberger

Session 3: Advances in techniques for continuously monitoring flow rates, stress, pressures and temperatures
Session 3 Keynote: Dennis Dria, Myden Energy Consulting, PLLC

Session 4: Case studies (Part 1)
Session 4 Keynote: Dave Johnston, ExxonMobil

Session 5: Case studies (Part 2)
Session 5 Keynote: Colin MacBeth, Heriot-Watt University

Session 6: Integrated workflows (Part 1)
Session 6 Keynote: Jorge Landa, Chevron

Session 7: Integrated workflows (Part 2)
Session 7 Keynote: Paul van den Hoek, Shell

Session 8: Implementations (display of vendor capabilities and benchmark data sets/tests)


Blueback Reservoir
Maersk Oil
SunRise Petrosolutions
Neos Geosolutions

Organizing Committee

Per Avseth, Odin Petroleum AS
Khalid Aziz, Stanford University
Matthew Bennett, Chevron
Dez Chu, Exxon Mobil
David Echeverria Ciaurri, IBM
Cengiz Esmersoy, Schlumberger
Xuri Huang, SunRise Petrosolutions
Long Jin, Shell
Michael J. King, Texas A&M University
Mosab Nasser, Maersk Oil
Carlos Pirmez, Shell
Karl D. Stephen, Heriot-Watt University
Ali Tura, ConocoPhillips
Glyn Williams, BP

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New Advances in Integrated Reservoir Surveillance (SEG/SPE/AAPG SRW 2012)
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