Near Surface Research Award

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The SEG Near Surface Research Award endowment provides research grants to support undergraduate or graduate students in engaged in near-surface geophysics research in a relevant academic program at an accredited institution. Awards are intended to offset expenses directly related to the awardee's near-surface geophysics research.

Near-surface geophysics typically involves the application of geophysical techniques to the study of subsurface targets other than oil and gas. Depths of investigation may range from less than a meter to greater than a kilometer, and applications include (but are not limited to) hydrogeologic studies, earthquake hazard assessment, geotechnical evaluation, archeological investigations, and agricultural studies.

The SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section is the founding supporter of this endowment.

Award Recipients

  • 2023 Ramadan Abdelrehim - Subsurface controls on Padre Island dune morphology: Constraints from Ground Penetrating Radar, time domain, and frequency domain electromagnetic techniques
  • 2022 Heidi Harwick -
  • 2021 Stephen SlivickiTime-lapse Active Source Seismic Response of Natural CO2 Gas Migration Through a Shallow Reservoir
  • 2020 Daniel Locci LopezPoint Bar Systems Geophysical Characterization at Low Effective Pressure During Seasonal River Stages in the Lower Mississippi River Valley
  • 2019 Patrick DuffUnderstanding Shallow Marine Clastic Reservoir Heterogeneity from Modern Analogues Resolved by GPR and Drone Imagery
  • 2018 Alexander YablokovLandslide Hazard Research by Seismic Methods
  • 2017 Sina Saneiyan - Long Term Monitoring of Microbial Induced Soil Strengthening Processes
  • 2016 Brady Flinchum