Near-Surface Modeling and Imaging

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2014 SEG/DGS Workshop
2014 SEG/DGS Workshop
Date 8-9 March 2014

InterContinental Regency Hotel

Manama, Bahrain

This workshop focused on advances in characterizing modeling the near-surface and imaging with near surface models.


New large structural traps for hydrocarbons are rare. The trend is for low relief structures in depth and time imaging. The imaging of stratigraphic traps is now also very important. These both require near-surface models of greater accuracy and fidelity. Innovative characterization of the near surface rather than compensation for the near-surface appears a key concept for advancing optimal high resolution imaging of smaller and deeper exploration targets.

This workshop explored the twin challenges of improving accuracy and the integration of models and methods. Discussions centered on finding answers to the following questions:

  • Which approach can delineate velocity inversions?
  • How can we use surface wave inversion for P-Wave imaging?
  • Can multiple suppression be improved using more accurate near-surface model?
  • What are the limitations of travel time tomography?
  • Is the effect of near-surface impacting passive seismic?
  • Should we include anisotropy and attenuation into near-surface modeling?
  • How far non-seismic methods help to improve the near-surface model?
  • How does changes in the near-surface model affect time lapse seismic?
  • Should we do depth imaging with near-surface models?
  • How can we mitigate the cycle skipping problem?
  • What are the acquisition requirements (wavefield sampling) to improve near-surface modeling?
  • How can we capture and use shallow reflections?
  • Seismic interferometry: a tool to eliminate or to improve near-surface modeling?
  • Can FWI improve near-surface modeling?
  • What are the optimal workflows to utilize near-surface models for improving the imaging of deep exploration targets?
  • Are more accurate near-surface models needed for unconventional exploration?


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Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

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