Manish Agarwal

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Manish Agarwal
Latest company Applied Geoscience Pty Ltd.
MSc Applied Geophysics
MSc university Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Manish Agarwal (founder, principal, and geophysicist of Applied Geoscience based in Perth, Australia) has 25 years of experience in oil and gas exploration and field development. Agarwal has a Master’s Degree in Applied Geophysics from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, India. His areas of expertise include regional and field-scale data integration, seismic and well-data interpretation, and geophysical support for field development and drilling. In his previous role, Manish held the position of subject matter advisor for velocity analytics, velocity modelling, depth conversion, and probabilistic volumetric and seismic uncertainty evaluation.

Manish has designed multiple courses on seismic velocity modelling, depth conversion, and uncertainties estimation and has successfully presented them in conferences and forums. During his work, Manish witnessed a lack of clarity on how seismic uncertainty models are captured and implemented within the geoscience community. Hence, he created a course to provide clarification on the myths and assumptions and provide the correct pathway for following a scientific approach. Currently Manish is managing a consultancy company, Applied Geoscience Pty Ltd.

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