Małgorzata Chmiel

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Małgorzata Chmiel
MSc Engineering Physics and Applied Geophysics
MSc university AGH University of Science and Technology and University Pierre and Marie Curie
PhD university University Grenoble Alpes

Małgorzata Chmiel holds a MSc degree in Engineering Physics from AGH University of Science and Technology (2012) in Cracow, Poland and in Applied Geophysics from University Pierre and Marie Curie (2013) in Paris, France. She received a PhD (2017) in Geophysics from the University Grenoble Alpes in Grenoble, France. Her PhD was financed by CGG and focused on exploring interferometry and beamforming methods on dense arrays. In 2017, she began working as a research geophysicist in Sisprobe, a startup based at the Institute of Earth Sciences in Grenoble, France. Małgorzata’s research interests are in seismic wave interferometry, beamforming, seismic event detection and localization, and dense array processing in active and passive configurations.

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