Kyiv University Geophysical Society

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Kyiv University Geophysical Society
University Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
President Mariia Tarasiuk
Faculty Advisor Oleksandr Shabatura
Country Ukraine
Status Active

SEG Student Chapter Kyiv (formally Kyiv University Geophysical Society) is the geophysical society at the Institute of Geology at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Chapter brings together students who wish to expand their knowledge about geophysical methods, focusing on hands-on workshop projects and promoting geology and geophysics to the world.

The society has 15 members for the year 2017. Majority of them are ambitious students which want to develop the level of knowledge in geology science in Ukraine and in the world. In October 2018 during SEG Annual Meeting that took place in Anaheim, CA Kyiv University Geophysical Society got the award The Best SEG Student Chapter 2018.


Student chapter was founded on the 2nd of February 2002. Its original name was "Kyiv University Geophysical Society" as an organization of Geological faculty at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The student chapter was extremely popular in first years of existence. In the next years "Kyiv University Geophysical Society" and geological faculty were attended by many lecturers. The autumn of 2014 can be considered as the beginning of a new era in the SEG Student Chapter`s history. It started to be as active as never. Starting from 2014 each year the chapter was represented at the SEG's Annual Meetings. In 2017 the first Field Camp was organized by the members of the chapter. In the next years two more were held.

Kyiv SEG Student Chapter Officers

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Honored Advisor Pavlo Gryshchuk
Faculty Advisor Pavlo Gryshchuk Anatolii Chernov Anatolii Chernov Oleksandr Shabatura
Co-Advisor Roman Petrokushyn
President Anatolii Chernov Oleh Petrokushyn Artem Korniienko Mariia Tarasiuk
Vice-President Oleh Loshakov Olena Rybnikova Oleh Loshakov Roman Petrokushyn Mariia Tarasiuk Anastasiia Hryshchenko
Secretary Natalia Rusachenko Olena Krasnikova Artem Kornienko Anastasiia Hryshchenko Oleh Bulakh
Treasurer Liana Podoliako Oleh Petrokushyn Mariia Tarasiuk Yulia Bilousova Mariia Yakovenko

Field Camps

Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2017

The first Ukrainian international geophysical camp "Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2017" was held during the week from 22 to 29 August 2017. The object of research was one of the pearls of Podillia - Kamyanets-Podilskyi town. With the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, within the boundaries of the old city and Kamyanets-Podilskyi Castle, a number of high-precision studies were conducted to find the location of underground tunnels, remnants of defense foundations and religious structures, as well as other objects lost during intense wars. Methods of near-surface seismic survey, electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), magnetic exploration and ground penetrating radar (GPR) were used to locate drainage channels, galleries, underground passages and any other cultural heritage that has been forgotten for hundreds of years. 19 participants from 7 countries (Ukraine - 7 , Croatia - 3, Poland - 4, Romania - 1, Egypt - 1, Czech Republic - 1, Pakistan - 1) during the week gained practical experience in applying geophysical methods for solving near-surface and archeological problems. 

Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2018

"Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2018" was held from August 20 to 27, 2018 in Borshchiv, Ternopil region. The area of our investigation is situated in the western part of Ukraine in Ternopil region. In geological terms, this area is situated on Volyn-Podilska plate. The most interesting fact about this area is that in the formation of Neogene gypsum there are many caves. The world’s largest currently known gypsum cave is Optimistichna and it is the second longest cave of any type known in the world. The five longest gypsum caves, all located in western Ukraine (Borshchiv district), account for well over half of the total known length of gypsum caves. The purpose of the event was to study the geometry of the gypsum cave Verteba. The total number of participants was 23 (Ukraine - 7, Romania - 4, Hungary - 3, Poland - 2, Croatia - 2, Latvia - 2, Egypt - 1, Russia - 1 and Norway - 1). Participants of the GFCU 2018 used high-precision magnetic measurements, GPR, ERT surveys, UAV survey and topographical methods.

Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2019

Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2019 was held in Western Carpathians near the city of Uzhgorod on 11-18th of August, 2019. That year the organizing committee has decided to change the flow and to escape the common way of a Field Camp. The Field Camp was a competition between 3 international teams, each consisting of 4 members. Every team was both randomly formed and given an area, that they had to investigate. The aim of the competition was to give the participants a chance to feel self-sufficient by performing all the steps of the geoscientific survey on their own. Participants of the event had a chance to learn several geophysical methods for solving problems of near-surface geology, such as:

  • GPR;
  • ERT;
  • Magnetic survey;
  • Seismic survey;
  • Radiometric survey;
  • UAV-based surveying and GPS positioning.

The total number of participants was 15 (Ukraine - 8, Croatia - 2, Mongolia - 1, Romania - 1, Poland - 1, Hungary - 1, Egypt 1).

Promoting geophysics

Every year officers from SEG Student Chapter Kyiv visit Ukrainian schools to promote geophysics, geology and give them more information about international organizations like SEG, EAGE, AAPG and others.

Outreach 2020

Our 2020 Outreach event was in 18th February 2020 in Kyiv and divided into three parts that helped reaching set goals in different ways. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to broadening the knowledge of geoscience and non-geoscience students from all over Ukraine to understand spheres of Earth Science's application. Organizers of the event invited 5 companies who work in different aspects of the geoscience world: from service oil and gas sharks (Schlumberger, Weatherford) to geophysicists who are researching in Antarctica and even self-employed geoscientists. Participants were able to listen to the companies' speeches, as well as come to their booth, get some small presents, ask questions, and even share their CV. Also, 3 student chapters (EAGE, SPE, and AAPG) were invited to the venue to present the opportunities their societies are giving to students.

Also, organizers were trying to keep participants involved in networking and stepping out of the comfort zone. Therefore, we have organized a scratch-on card, where participants had to engage with industry professionals, ask questions, experience VR experiments, and complete a trivia about SEG. The ones who completed their (primarily every participant) had a chance to participate in the quiz, where 15 attendees received valuable geoscience presents (mugs, stickers, certificates, geological attributes). Totally there were around 150 participants registered for the venue, including participants from 5 universities of Ukraine, as well as participants from Poland, UK, and Romania.

The SEG Outreach Grant allowed us to build a network of interested geoscience students, enthusiastic high scholars, and make stronger connections between universities and industry companies. The workshop allowed us not only to build a stronger geoscience community and promote geophysics outside of the known circle, but also to extend our team and engage some bright minds who are interested in changing geoscience for good.

Field Days 2020

In July (30-31th) 2020 Mariia Tarasiuk and Artem Korniienko made SEG Field Days for Freshmen 2020 in Medvin village, Kyiv Oblast` on Totoha Mountain (30-31th of July). The main aim was to show freshmen how our SEG chapter works and show the principles of doing geophysical measurements on the field. We have worked with magnetometry, radiometry, and UAV methods. Students appreciated this experience and would like to repeat it.