Kamini Singha

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Kamini Singha
Kamini Singha 2017 headshot.jpg
BSc Geophysics
PhD Hydrogeology
BSc university University of Connecticut
PhD university Stanford University

Kamini Singha is a professor in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering and the Associate Director of the Hydrologic Science and Engineering Program at the Colorado School of Mines. She worked at the USGS Branch of Geophysics from 1997 to 2000, and served on the faculty of The Pennsylvania State University from 2005 to 2012. Her research interests are focused on the physical process controlling solute and contaminant mass transport including “long-tailed” distributions of solute arrival times in groundwater systems and during groundwater-surface water exchange, integration of geophysical imaging with flow and transport modeling, and establishing field-scale rock physics relations between geophysical and hydrogeologic parameters. Dr. Singha is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award, and was awarded the Early Career Award from the Society of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics in 2009. She served as the Chair of the AGU Hydrogeophysics Technical Committee from 2009 to 2012 and is an associate editor at Water Resources Research. She earned her B.S. in geophysics from the University of Connecticut and her Ph.D., in hydrogeology, from Stanford University.

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