K. R. Christopherson

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K. R. Christopherson
Membership SEG, AAPG, GRC, and WING
BSc Geology
MSc Geophysics

Karen Rae Christopherson has been working with magnetotellurics (MT) and electromagnetic (EM) geophysical methods since the late 1970s. Her career began with the USGS mapping KGRAs in the western United States using AMT and other geophysical methods. She then worked for BP/Sohio from 1981-1988 in their technology center, helping to develop the use of MT and EM for hydrocarbon exploration. Since 1988, she has been President of Chinook Geoconsulting, Inc. based in Evergreen, Colorado.

Her experience involves all aspects of electromagnetic geophysics, from bird-dogging to interpretation, specializing in MT and EM. Christopherson has participated in numerous MT/EM surveys exploring for geothermal, hydrocarbon, water, and mineral resources in SE Asia, Latin America, Africa, and North America, interpreting more than 13,000 MT and 5000 TEM stations. She has utilized both the WinGlink and Geotools MT workstations since 1985.

Christopherson has been the MT continuing education instructor for the SEG since 2002 and has taught courses in MT/EM for numerous exploration companies in several countries since 1987. She holds a MS in Ggeophysics and a BS in Geology. She was 2nd Vice-President of SEG from 1997-1998 and Technical Chair for the Geothermal Rising Conference in 2022. She has held numerous volunteer positions in several societies. Karen is a member of SEG, AAPG, GRC, and WING.

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