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Jim Brown
BSc Mathematics and Physics
MSc Geophysics
PhD Seismology
BSc university University of Manitoba
MSc university University of Manitoba
PhD university Uppsala University

Biography 2010[1]

Robert James (Jim) Brown obtained a B.S. honors in mathematics and physics, an M.S. in geophysics from the University of Manitoba, and a Ph.D. in seismology from Uppsala University. He has held academic or research positions at the University of Manitoba, the Norwegian Seismic Array, the University of Sydney, Australia, the University of Luleå, Sweden, and until 2003, the University of Calgary. In 1996–1999 and in 2003–2004, he was on leave, first at PGS in Oslo, then at GeoGrids (Roxicon) in Stavanger. He is a founding director of the CREWES consortium and a past editor and past president of the Canadian SEG. He is currently a professor of geophysics at the University of the Faroe Islands, where he has formed the PUFFINS consortium (Probing Under basalt Formations of the Faroe Islands with New Science). His current research interests are in sub basalt geophysics, multicomponent seismology, and seismic anisotropy. He is a member of SEG and EAGE.


  1. Contributors, Geophysics 75(1), Z12.

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