Inverting the Reservoir (SEG SRW 2011)

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SEG 2011 Summer Research Workshop
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Date 26-30 July 2011
Sponsor(s) PGS, Total, WesternGeco, IQ Earth, RSI, Nexen
Location Auberge Saint Antoine Hotel, Quebec City, Canada

Inverting the Reservoir

A central goal in exploration geophysics is to provide quantitative estimates of subsurface rock properties in 3D to construct reservoir models. This workshop addresses geophysical inversion in reservoir characterization as it is practiced today and as it will be practiced in the future. It will look at existing and emerging inversion techniques, the impact of new data acquisition, appreciation of uncertainties, and interdisciplinary integration. Full waveform inversion, repeat measurements, such as time-lapse seismic and controlled-source electromagnetic data all offer significant uplift in reservoir characterization, but the challenge of integrating across scales and disciplines remains. We therefore welcome oral and poster presentations addressing the following and other topics in reservoir characterization and rock property and fluid content estimation:

  • Full-waveform inversion – for characterization
  • Time-lapse inversion
  • Data integration and joint inversion
    • Inclusion of "non-conventional" data - Multicomponent and borehole seismic, passive seismic; Non-seismic geophysical data
    • Interdisciplinary integration: input from geologists and engineers
    • Methods, e.g., Sequential vs. simultaneous approaches
  • Estimation and use of uncertainty and resolution in inversion, stochastic methods
  • Characterization in structurally complex zones
  • New methods in, and applications of pre- and post-stack amplitude and traveltime inversion

Meeting Format

The meeting comprised a mixture of poster and oral presentations. Delegates had the opportunity to attend all posters during formal sessions and throughout the workshop. Oral presentations complemented the poster sessions. Discussion sessions were lively and wide-ranging: the proportion of delegates that actively participated was high.

Sunday, 26 June — Registration Check-In and Ice Breaker Reception Monday, 27 June–Thursday, 30 June — Two full-day sessions Monday and Wednesday with morning and afternoon sessions, and a half-day session Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Tuesday afternoon remained open for attendees to explore the area. The workshop concluded following the Thursday morning session.

Continuing Education Course

SEG Professional Development offered a pre-workshop half-day course on the afternoon of 26 June at the Auberge Saint Antoine Hotel. The instructor was Professor Mrinal Sen, who presented his talk, "Full Waveform Inversion."


IQ Earth

Organizing committee

P. Williamson (Total)
A. C. Ramírez (PGS)
A. Cheng (Halliburton)
S. Mallick (Univ. Wyoming)
R. Lu (ExxonMobil)
C. MacBeth (Heriot-Watt Univ.)
K. Hokstad (Statoil)
R. Stewart (Univ. Houston)

Technical Program

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Inverting the Reservoir (SEG SRW 2011)
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