Institute of Technology Bandung Student Chapter

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Institute of Technology Bandung Student Chapter
University Institute Technology of Bandung
President Radhina Zahra
Faculty Advisor Dr. Darharta Dahrin, M.S
Country Indonesia
Status Active

Society of Exploration Geophysicist Bandung Institute of Technology Student Chapter (SEG ITB SC) is an SEG Student Chapter based in Bandung, Indonesia. We provide students with opportunities to network with other student leaders in the geophysics industry, share best practices, and advance their technical knowledge through participating in SEG-sponsored meetings.

Our objective is to promote interest in, and knowledge of, the sciences of geophysics and allied sciences, and to promote friendship and cooperation among those interested in the geophysical sciences. Student Chapters can organize and participate in a variety of programs, from courses to workshops, company visits, and the SEG Distinguished and Honorary lecture program. All persons interested in the science of geophysics who qualify as students, staff, or faculty of the University are eligible for membership.

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Darharta Dahrin, M.S

Dr. Darharta Dahrin, M.S

Boards of SEG ITB SC 2023/2024

Organizational Structure

President : Radhina Zahra

Vice President : Khalda Zayyan

  • Secretary-Treasurer : Nasywa Natania
  • Fundraising Division Manager: Mochammad Dimas Sakti
  • Human Resources Manager: Khairilazhar Raihan

External Affairs Director: Tsamrotul Jannah

  • Public Relations Manager: Dwiandra Rizkya Hanum
  • Social Outreach Manager: Cut La Tansa Millata Hanifah
  • Field Trip Manager: Sakha Kumala Putra

Student Development Director: Gilang Prayoga

  • Professionalism Manager: Siti Asih Rahmahaya
  • Research & Competition Manager: Reza Nugraha
  • Skill Development Manager: Fina Zahara

Creative Marketing Director: Arvito Naufal

  • Creative Design Manager: Akmal Diva Rafsanzani
  • Media Exposure Manager: Dzian Dafi Ginandjar
  • Journalism Manager: Gracia Hanarosalia Sitorus

Vision & Mission


"SEG ITB SC serves as a student chapter that provides enhancing skills, knowledge, and networks, all in a progressive way, thereby enabling the organization to establish its presence in society and achieve sustainability."


  1. Enhancing the branding of SEG ITB SC among ITB students, as well as at national and international levels.
  2. Cultivating an adaptable work environment that can thrive in any situation.
  3. Boosting the sustainability of SEG ITB SC by fulfilling basic needs.
  4. Facilitating interaction between members and experts.


SEG Focus: Professionalism

A program that focuses on sharing a topic from professionals/expertise about geophysical or geoscience matters in the form of courses, workshops, or Training.

SEG Focus: Course and software training with ESRI Indonesia

In June 2021 we held our first SEG Focus in the form of a course and software training collaborating with ESRI Indonesia where we provide ArcGIS Pro for the students to learn the software with the professional from ESRI Indonesia itself.

SEG Focus: Skill Development

A program that focuses on learning to develop students’ soft skills, in the form of webinars/courses. SEG ITB SC not only provides academic development for its students but also soft skills to prepare them to face the professional world in the future.

SEG Focus: Workshop to level up Linkedin Profile

SEGuide Your Future

SEGuide Your Future is a sharing session event where we invite professionals from the company/industry or alumnae to provide the student's insight into their possible prospects in the future.

SEG Discuss

SEG Discuss will be a place where the members could enhance their English skills by doing a group discussion and sharing their perspectives on any topic using English.

In August 2021, we held SEG Discuss with the theme of “What are you passionate about?” divided into several topics such as Movies, Music, and Trading. The participants were grouped by the passion they had. And in every topic, participants have to speak in English and discuss each of their passion.

Company Visit

Company Visit is a program where the students will get a chance to visit a company so they can learn about the work environment and culture of the company itself. In November 2021, despite the pandemic situation, SEG ITB SC manage to conduct an on-site visit to Pertamina Geothermal Energy (Kamojang Area) with strict and safe protocol followed.

SEG ITB SC Visit to Pertamina Geothermal Energy (Kamojang)

Guest Lecture

Conducting a virtual guest lecture to provide members with informative topics/issues, and to create a starting point for students to read in more detail on specific aspects of that topic/issue.

In August 2021, SEG ITB SC collaborates with SPE ITB SC conducted a Joint Technical Guest Lecture by inviting professionals to discuss unconventional hydrocarbon; shale oil & its opportunity within Indonesia’s oil production target

Field Camp

In 2021, we held our field camp in Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia. We conduct several geophysical and geological approaches near the area to investigate the location of the Lembang Fault, as it pretty much has the potential to harm society lives around it. Some of the geophysical methods used to image the subsurface are Gravity and Geomagnetic methods.

Geophysical Investigation using LaCoste-Romberg (Gravity Method)


SEG Visit

SEG ITB SC and the visited SEG Student Chapter introduce their respective organization in the form of presentations of activities and work programs during their term. Moreover, we were also playing some simple games to get to know more about each other respectively. The SEG visit not only visited SEG Student Chapter in Indonesia but also abroad. SEG ITB SC manage to conduct SEG Visit virtually to SEG Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU) Student Chapter located in Nigeria (2021) and SEG Kyiv Student Chapter located in Kyiv (2022).


SEG on Quest

The program was basically the same as the SEG Visit, but we visited the (non-SEG) student chapters in terms of the SEG On Quest.

SEG on the Road

SEG On the Road is a roadshow program where we promote and introduce SEG and SEG ITB SC to some group of students in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) including the first-year students of faculty of mining and petroleum engineering, Geophysical Engineering students, and other geoscience-basic major students

SEG Student Programs

SEG Honorary Lecture

SEG Honorary Lecture (2018) with Mrs Rima Chatterjee from the Indian Institute of Technology
  • In 2017, SEG ITB SC collaborates with SEG UNPAD SC to conduct an honorary lecture program with Mr Koya Suto, Terra Australis Geophysica, Brisbane, Australia. The lecture brings up the topic of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Geophysics.
  • In 2018, SEG ITB SC successfully conducted an honorary lecture program with Mrs Rima Chatterjee from the Indian Institute of Technology as the SEG-HL. The lecture brings up the topic of In-situ Press, Pore pressure and Geomechanical Modeling: An Aid to Reservoir Exploration and Development in the Khrisna-Godavari an Upper Assam Basins, India.

SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium

Ms Tara A, former president of SEG ITB SC attending the 2019 SLS

The SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium is a two-day focused leadership program for fifty selected student participants, representative of their student chapter. This program will include an address by the SEG President, best practices presentations from selected Student Chapters, professional leadership coaching, an organized team building activity, and a Strategic Problem Solving Session with the SEG Executive Committee. For three consecutive years, SEG ITB SC successfully sent representatives for attending the SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium Program.

SEG Challenge Bowl

SEG ITB SC secured 3rd place in the world finals of the SEG Challenge Bowl

On the first-ever SEG Challenge Bowl that was held in the pacific region, we send a team that consist of two people to be our representatives. Beforehand, we built the team based on the selection test that was held for all undergraduate and graduate students all across our university. After we get the two best people, we send them as a team to be our delegates in the SEG Challenge Bowl for Asia Pacific Region. Thankfully, they secured 3rd place and could move forward to the world finals where they compete with the winning team from each of the regions. At the world finals of the SEG Challenge Bowl, another miracle happens where our delegates made us proud by taking home 3rd place.


Outreach Projects


  • 2019 - Achieved the Ridge Level ranking for SEG Student Chapters.
  • 2019 - Have a delegate for the Student Leadership Symposium (SLS)
  • 2020 - Achieved the Ridge Level ranking for SEG Student Chapters.
  • 2020 - Have a delegate for the Student Leadership Symposium (SLS)
  • 2021 - Have a delegate for the Student Leadership Symposium (SLS)
  • 2021 - Have an SEG Scholarship Awardee
  • 2021 - Winning 3rd place in the SEG Challenge Bowl for Asia Pacific Region
  • 2021 - Winning 3rd place in the world finals of SEG Challenge Bowl
  • 2022 - Have a delegate for the Student Leadership Symposium (SLS)
  • 2022 - Have a delegate for SEG EVOLVE
  • 2022 - Hosting the SEG Challenge Bowl Asia Pacific Region

Contact Information

Society of Exploration Geophysicists ITB SC Institute Technology of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

e-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: @segitbsc

LinkedIn: SEG ITB SC

Facebook: SEG ITB SC

Youtube: SEG ITB SC