Injection Induced Seismicity

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2014 Joint SEG/SPE/ARMA Workshop
2014 Joint SEG/SPE/ARMA Workshop
Date 15-18 September 2014

The Banff Centre

Banff, Alberta, Canada

This workshop was targeted towards reviewing and assessing current and future approaches to improve the definition of the 3D earth model of intrashelf basins through sharing best practices and solutions to common exploration and development problems.


Due to continued interest in injection induced seismicity associated with oil and gas operations, this technical workshop was held in Banff, Alberta jointly by the SEG, SPE and ARMA.

The workshop was a followup to an inaugural technical workshop on injection induced seismicity held by the SPE and SEG in Broomfield, Colorado. Since the 2012 Broomfield meeting, additional possible occurrences of induced seismicity had come into question, in particular associated with waste water disposal and hydraulic fracturing. Significant research, monitoring and characterization efforts had also begun to be implemented to understand the phenomena.

The 2014 Injection Induced Seismicity Workshop brought together technical experts and practitioners to share experience, technology and education related to fluid injection with induced seismicity. The focus of the workshop was primarily associated with injections during petroleum operations, although contributions were also welcomed related to seismicity induced by other industrial activities, provided that the experience and education were shown to be relevant to injection induced seismicity. Contributions were considered related to geothermal, mining, fluid disposal, CO2 sequestration and water reservoir dam impoundment operations. Topics of interest included geomechanics of induced seismicity, seismic source characterization, site characterization, monitoring, and assessment or mitigation of seismic hazard and risk. Case studies, regulatory issues, industry protocols and operational best practices were of particular interest. Priority for attendance to the workshop was given to potential attendees selected to give technical presentations or posters, along with attendees who could contribute to discussions.

Organizing Committee

Shawn Maxwell, Chairman (IMaGE)
Dave Eaton (University of Calgary)
Hal Macartney (Pioneer Natural Resources)
Julie Shemeta (MEQ Geo Inc.)
Mike Fehler (MIT)
Norm Warpinski (Pinntech)
Pat McLellan (Talisman Energy)
Rod Gertson (Devon Energy)


XTO Energy
BHP Billiton
Weston Geophysical

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